Engl 1030 Caroline Black

Ever since its founding in 1889, Clemson University has been a place loved by all. With its beautiful rolling hills, orange and purple sunsets, and scenic campus, you would think it's close to perfect. However, as Hannah Montana says, "Nobody's perfect," and Clemson is no exception...

Clemson's fatal flaw is its weather.

Now I know what you're thinking. What's wrong with Clemson's weather? The school is located in South Carolina, the weather must be mild and beautiful most of the time, right?

Wrong. That's what they want you to think. Hidden beneath those seemingly perfect picturesque postcards you receive in the mail that advertise the lovely southern weather, there are far too many overcast, rainy, gloomy days in February and March that have you thinking, "Am I in Clemson or Seattle right now?"

Well, in August of 2016, I decided to change things. I enrolled at Clemson undercover, posing as a normal freshman student. But boy, was I more than that. Underneath my seemingly normal facade was my second secret identity: SunGirl.

As SunGirl, my mission was to fix the moodiness that is Clemson's weather. No one likes it to be sunny and hot one day and rainy and cold the next! Although my superpowers are not near as strong as the ultimate Mother Nature, whenever you do experience a day with pleasant weather here at Clemson, just be sure to thank me.

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