Should we have Horses instead of a Cars Matthew Zhang

These days as transport, it it commonly witnessed that human beings use cars, buses, trains when going to work or travelling. I robustly believe that transport should be changed. People who doesn't already have a car should rethink into buying a horse and people who already owns a car should do the same thing. Studies show that when people with myopia goes outside a lot and experiences the nature, it improves their sort-sightedness. Riding horses reduces traffic injuries as they travel slower and they DO NOT pollute the atmosphere but actually improve it

Initially , horses give human beings their freedom and time to be outside(not staring at the TV screen). Spending time outside gives the power to decrease myopia from young people as research shows that 40% of the USA has myopia. The best way to prevent these effects are riding horses as transport everyday to school, which can give you at least 2 hrs outdoors(amount of time needed if wanted to prevent myopia). If you want to save money, here's a quote"rid your glasses while you can, you don't want your horses ran".It means that if you don't start riding horses, the sale won't last and if you don't start getting rid of your glasses, the cost will increase and you won't have a chance of getting a horse.

Secondly, if you have a horse, it would cause less traffic. Traffic jams causes stress, time waste but owning a horse takes less space and can travel shortcuts.Although horses travel slower than car, it goes along a steady pace and can travel rocky surface(shortcuts) which cars cannot go. The fact that horses travel slower makes the way a long way safer and the most serious injury would be a bruise on the head.Horse has no need for additional infrastructure like road. It is able to run equally on plain and rocky ground. Unlike car, horse is able to jump or pass through considerable obstruction along the way, like fallen tree and stones. Also horses do not need police to patrol because there won't be many accidents or injuries. Also, no-one will be so stupid to put up speed signs. If you want to save tax and save time ride a horse. Horses do not need smooth, new roads because the government put more tax if roads or anything else important gets constructed. DO you want to save time, money, and YOUR FAMILY'S LIFE? Simple solution

Lastly but not least,horses reduce the sickness of many allergic people as they not only stop our prescious ozone layer from breaking, but also give our planets soil nutrient. In contrast, horses do not emit toxic lead or carbon monoxide which can cause hazard to living creatures. Pollution caused by automobile industry cause a lot of problems for human health such as asthma, respiratory diseases, heart disease and possibly cancers. Some people may say that horse produces manure. If manure drops on soil, it is a nutrient to the land. If you have a medical need, the best thing is to stop cars and ride horses which gives many advantages.

Therefore,I hope you will agree with me that transport should be changed. The impact on cars should be changed after all the reasons I've provided. If you want nutrient to your soil, protection of your relatives/family, no accidents, less traffic, health help, ozone layer protection, save time, save money, give your eyes a rest, and getting a friend then i sincerely hope that you change your mind about cars and start getting a relationship with your horse.

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