Threading the sewing machine

Place the thread on the spool

Pull the thread to the thread guide on top of the machine and follow the arrows to pull the thread through the thread guide and all the way up to the thread take up lever.

Thread guide

Follow the arrows and pull your thread through the grooves on the machine called the thread guide

thread guide (hook)

Bring the thread all the way down to the thread guide in front of the needle which looks like a hook. The thread needs to be placed in front of the needle but behind the hook.

Place the thread through the hole in the bottom of the needle and bring the thread through the slit in the machine foot and out the back of the machine.


Make sure your bobbin thread is facing the same way as the handle of your bobbin case and place the thread in the bobbin case.

Follow the grooves in the bobbin case to pull the thread through until it is in the correct position.

Place the bobbin in the bobbin case location in the sewing machine.

Pull the thread towards the rear of the machine and hold it steady

While holding the thread to the rear of the machine, turn the hand wheel towards you to complete a full rotation of the needle. This will make the thread from the top of the machine come across the bobbin case and help to pull the bobbin thread to the needle of the machine.

Once both threads are at the same point near the needle. Pull them to the rear of the machine and put the foot down.

Close the bobbin case door and slide the case on the machine.

You have successfully threaded the sewing machine!


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