The Fantasy World by:menna and aljazi

I arrived in Madagascar two days ago and really like but yesterday when i was in school something weird happened and i haven't told any one yet and i am not planning to.As the principle showed me my locker something weird happened, the principle left as i tried to open my locker and it was dark i couldn’t see any shelves or anything in my locker and then i put my hand in there and something shoved me inside the locker and i entered a different world. It was amazing there were flying unicorns everywhere and lions with wings and horns.but suddenly i dropped somewhere and landed on a soft pile of large large green leaves.Then i saw a creature walking towards me and said we need your help. The creature was not to large and not too small he was old and you can tell. I asked where am i and who are you. The monster said that i am the owner of this world and you are in fantasy world. We need your help because we are running out of resources to feed our creatures. I was surprised because it was like a jungle and there was plenty of food and then answered the owner it seems like we have a lot of food but we have a lot more creatures than you think said the owner. He took me somewhere and we stopped because large green leaves where blocking our way then he pushed the leaves a side and there were a lot of flying creatures and the sky was a really nice pink with rainbows all around.After that i went home and went inside the garage where mom keeps all her seeds and took all her packets (there were about 100!!!!!) and i cant wait to go to school tomorrow to give the owner the seeds.

Dear dairy,

I did it i helped fantasy world i gave the owner the seeds and told him what he has to do.


Created with images by Jeff Pang - "Napali Coast Sunset" • werner22brigitte - "black and white saurian animal" • Vijayanarasimha - "maize corn indian corn"

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