Amazon Basin BY: Lauren and Mckenna

The location of Amazon Basin is Basin and its located in South America. It covers the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

The Amazon Basin is home to many species of animals.

Three Awesome facts are; (1). Largest Rain Forest in the world (2). 2.7 sq miles. with over 40,000 plant species (3). It's referred as the " lungs of the planet" because of all the oxygen it produces.

Created By
Mckenna Gmeinder


Created with images by NASA Earth Observatory - "Flooding in Memphis" • RichardJames1990 - "Madre De Dios" • icelight - "Swamp Basin" • dany13 - "IMG_5831/Argentina/Iguassu Aréa/Cyanocorax Chrysops Geai/Acahé Gralha de Crista Négra/Plush Crested Jay"

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