#Goals Alex Garcia

I want to learn how to hack, for research purposes. The reason I want to learn how to do it is because it seems like a very useful skill, especially with how important computers are to our lives. I don't plan on doing anything nefarious, maybe. For the most part I just want it as a handy skill to have in my back pocket. I could probably begin learning it in about a year or so.

Some time within one year I want to kill a zombie. It is a dream of mine for the world to fall into a zombie apocalypse so that I don't have to go to school anymore. But if I can't have a full blown apocalypse then a goal of mine is to find a zombie and kill it for the safety of mankind. The downfall of an apocalypse would be losing friends and family, so I want to kill a zombie before he starts a major disaster. I don't want to get bit though, that would suck and I'd look super lame if I tried to kill a zombie only to have it bite my butt or something.

Another one year goal I have is to pass all of my honors classes. It's very important for me to pass them since I am on the honors diploma. If I failed to get the honors diploma it would be as bad as getting bit on my butt by a zombie. The honors diploma can help me get into a good college or at least give me a better chance. Plus my parents would be mad if I didn't pass my classes.

Within a year or two a goal of mine is to begin working on a manga. I don't know what kind of manga it would be, I have lots of ideas for stories but haven't decided on one yet. I think I have decent drawing abilities so it's possible for me to make one. My reason for wanting to make a manga is because I like stories and I would like to share some of mine that I think up with others. Honestly I really really like stories, they've always interested me. True or fiction I like them, I ask my family members to tell me their stories even to this day. That may be why manga appeal to me as well, they're just more stories I can read.

In three years (including this one) my main goal is to graduate from high school. This is an integral part of my future that I need to accomplish. I don't like working very hard but I will do what I can to ensure that I graduate. Plus it will make my family happy that I graduate; and at the very least I'll be done with school for a little bit until college.

Another big time goal of mine is to move out of my parents house in like three years or so. I love my parents, they're awesome, but I just want some peace. When I'm at my parents I have to do stuff I don't want to do and interact with people I don't want to at times; on my own I can just chill and relax. I can sleep in however late I want to with no one bothering me, can listen to music as loud as I please, eat whatever food I want, and walk around in my underwear. It will be glorious.

I want to try out lots and lots of different jobs. I don't really want to stick to one job right away. My goal is to gather plenty of experiences in a variety of fields. These people in this picture look really weird and kind of lame but I guess they serve their purpose. I want a lot of different jobs because as I said before I like stories, I want to experience some of my own so that I can tell my children and my children's children them.

A major dream and goal of mine is to uncover some crazy crap that I'm not supposed to know; like the government is run by lizard people or something. Since I was little I liked legends, myths, stories, and mysteries. Knowing something that may have a link to the supernatural sounds super awesome to me. However if it was found out that I knew about something crazy that could be bad. It could place me and my loved ones in danger which isn't good. I'll probably never be allowed to tell anyone, but having the knowledge would be good enough.

Another goal of mine that I'd start in about five years is traveling. I want to travel around on my own for a while. Put some miles on my soul before I find some place I like; this links up with having lots of jobs and making stories. There is also this allure to just traveling; I don't have any responsibilities and can go and do what I want. Perhaps it's more fitting to call it wandering as opposed to traveling, I don't have a destination in mind, that makes it even more fun.

In 5 years a goal of mine is to get myself a nice dog. I want to get him (or her) when they're a puppy and raise them. I'm going to need a co-pilot since it'll be boring if I'm all alone, and a dog is the perfect companion. I don't know what type of dog I want yet, maybe a wiener dog since I think they're really cute, and they're small which is convenient for my wandering. But a big dog like a German shepherd is useful as well since it can help me fight off attackers. Both of them are cute; whatever, I'll deal with it when the time comes.

A goal of mine is to solve a mystery! They interest me just like stories do, after all they're just stories that have endings you need to find. It doesn't matter what kind of mystery it is but I want it to have some kind of meaning; either to soothe the family members with knowledge of what happened or maybe to bring down something evil I want me solving it to be important.

A goal of mine in about 5 years is to visit Rome or Greece. I read a lot of Greek and Roman mythology when I was younger so I've wanted to go there myself and have some fun. Going there and exploring seems like it would be the literal bomb, I think.

In ten years a goal of mine is to have a family of my own. I may not have children by then and I may not even be married, but that's not all there is to a family. If I have just a girlfriend and my wiener dog or German shepherd then I would be perfectly content with that. I want kids, but in ten years I don't know if I will have any, but that's fine. I don't know why I want kids, it's probably something instinctual.

Another goal that I plan on achieving in ten years or more is that I want to move away from the cities and live somewhere with lots of trees. I have been going to Payson ever since I was a baby, and I have always loved the woods. Nature is nice to look at and makes me feel better. I want to get away from the city and everything with my own little family and live someplace peaceful.

Another goal of mine that absolutely want to accomplish in ten years is to see and explore the Vatican Archives. I don't know how I'm going to explore the archives, hell I don't even know how I'm going to get into the archives but I plan on doing it somehow. I'm probably gonna break into it and get into a lot of trouble, but not before I discover something that satisfies me. I have a feeling I'll know when I find it, probably. The reason I want to see the archives is because no one is allowed into it, and that arouses my interest. It'll probably take ten years to acquire the the skills and develop a plan to get in.

And my last goal that I plan to accomplish in ten years is to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza. I see the pyramids everywhere; from movies to video games. So I decided that my goal should be to go see them myself and do something there. I have no idea what it's going to be, maybe I'll climb them and enjoy the view from the top; that sounds fun. I'll probably get in trouble but that's part of the fun too.


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