Mississauga 2.0 By: adrian and moaaz

Transportation Planner:

Issues or problems that exist in Mississauga:

The issue in Mississauga is that people everyday are going around the city by driving around with their cars or using the bus. These types of transportation methods are causing a lot of green house gases to be put into our air. We need to find more better Eco-friendly types of transportation so that it doesn't harm our environment and that it can also be economy sustainable.

Here is a graph where it shows about how many people are commuting for the type of transportation:

How is it unsustainable in Mississauga:

There are hundreds of vehicles on the road and traffic jams and accidents are surely going to happen at some point. Harmful green house gases keep being put into our atmosphere which is killing our ozone layer.

Who gets affected by this:

  • We the residents of the city are affected because we are the ones that keep polluting the environment and that no one seems to care about the impacts of this if it keeps on going.
  • The government too is also affected by this because the government manages the roads and the communities so they could help to fix the issues that are happening. They could do this buy making their modes of transportation more Eco-friendly. For example, they could build more buses so that less people would be driving in their cars which can help with less green house gases being put into the environment. Another thing they could do is make buildings more Eco-friendly by renovating the old buildings to make them not to consume so much electricity or so that they can be more insulated inside to where they always don't need to blast the AC in the summer or the heater in the winter.

How we can improve to make our community more efficient and Eco-friendly:

  • People can be using electric cars instead of gasoline
  • They could bike or walk instead of driving
  • If they are driving in a big group, then perhaps they can all carpool
  • They could use the bus
  • Etc.

Waste Management:

issues or problems that exist in Mississauga:

The issue that exist in Mississauga is thousands of people keep dumping out tons and tons of garbage, things that could be toxic, stuff that will just all go the the landfill. Sometimes, people may dump out stuff that can be flammable and if it ever catches on fire, it sets the entire landfill pile on fire which releases even more green house gases into our environment. We all need to find better ways of disposing our stuff rather than sending it all to the landfill. Recycling is a good thing to do, but people don't know what you can recycle and what you cannot so if people mix their garbage with their recycling, then the recycling becomes contaminated which puts it all into the landfill.

How is it unsustainable in Mississauga:

Mississauga is a very big city with a very mass population. An average person produces about 1.8 kg of garbage a day from the 30 million tonnes of garbage for all of Canada. If we keep throwing out this much garbage, then in a year, the average person would have thrown out 657 kg of garbage. Mississauga has a population of 713,445. So in total, we are throwing out 468,733,365 kg of garbage a year as a entire city. We are all continuing to fill up landfills and the city isn't doing anything about it. Soon, we might even be destroying the environment just to make room for more landfills.

Who gets affected by this:

We the people of this city are all affected by this because we all keep dumping our stuff away and that all of it gets sent to the landfill. There soon will be so much garbage that landfills would just be popping up anywhere. After that, the city hopefully might realize that this is become a major problem and start charging us money just to dump our garbage away since there is no where else to dump it.

How can we fix this:

A great solution to fix all of this is to follow the three R's. We have to reuse, reduce, and recycle more then dumping everything in a landfill. We should also pay attention to labels on products to make sure that when you are done using it you can recycle it.. In addition, some stores now actually charge you money for using their shopping bags. It is about 5 cents per bag. You can use reusable shopping bags which can save you a lot of money and save the environment. Same goes for plastic water bottles. Furthermore, a thing the government could do is give us all compost bins to let us recycle our food.


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