The Civil Rights Movement Therese Pham

Background Information

The Birmingham Riot happened in 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama. On this day blacks in the city began to riot against the police officers that were involved and supported the bombing of the church that killed 4 black girls and injured 14 people. During this event they were also trying to fight for the equality for the blacks and they were trying to fight for the blacks living in oppression.

Pictures of the Birmingham Riots and the police department

What Was the Goal of the Event?

During this time the people in the Riots were trying to achieve peaceful and nonviolent ways to show that their efforts and passion for the rights they were trying to fight for with sit in, marches on City Hall, and boycotts of certain places that supported segregation of color. The goal of the Birmingham Riots were too show support and the idea of change for the blacks living in the South. The police's goal of the Birmingham Riots were to fight against the blacks and to show that they were stronger then them, also they believed that what they were dong was to protect the people of the South.

Pictures of what police and what blacks did during the riots

Who was involved in the Riots?

During the Birmingham Campaign it was mostly black college kids from the south that were involved in the sit ins and the boycotts, but during the Birmingham Riots it was mostly young black adults, also involved in the Riots were the Birmingham police officers. Some important people who were in the Riot were everyone who fought for the equal rights of the blacks and whites in the south, but Martin Luther King a well known leader of the black community was also apart of the campaign in Birmingham. With this Riot and the amount of people there they impacted many aspects of the event like what as done at the event and how strong they seemed in public.

Obstacles to overcome

During this time period some of the obstacles that were present in the black community was the inequality, segregation, and discrimination everywhere they went. To overcome these challenges many of the blacks began rioting, marching to city hall, using both peaceful and not peaceful protest, boycotting and sit-in's. Also fighting for their rights took a long deal of time with patients and constant set backs with the whites of the south (specifically the KKK).

The KKK, Jim Crow laws, Sit-ins, and marches


The outcomes of all the Birmingham riots on todays world was the civil rights for the blacks, the Birmingham riot also brought a early understanding of police brutality in the South.

Riots and MLK

Modern Inequality Comparison

A modern inequality I would compare the Birmingham Riots to is the Ferguson Riots in 2014, the start of these riots was also the death of an African American (Darren Wilson), the Riots all started out as a peaceful protest, and then eventually police were brought into it and it became a protest with tons of police brutality, like the Birmingham Riots this protest brought light into something that was not talked about as much, also with these Riots there was much violence involved and lives being put to risk for something that they believed in, their rights.

Ferguson Riots in 2014


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