Werewolf folklore MeaghaN brown

History of werewolves

Werewolves traditionally didn't discriminate ages. In ancient times, anyone and everyone could become a werewolf, not just attractive teenage boys with ripped bodies. Werewolves are shape shifters, that have anhanced senses and relflexes. They're half human half wolves, who can run faster than a human can, shaper teeth than humans and have a stronger sense of smell than humans do. They still walk on two feet unlike wolves, but still just as fast as wolves when they run.

This is what werewolves looked like during Ancient Greece times.

Where do werewolves originate from? Where can we find them now?

Usually werewolves don't pop up into conversation until there's a big change in a society. But werewolves don't really originate from on specific place, they originate all around the world. In the beginning, they were found in Ancient Greece and

Werewolves throughout time

Throughout time, werewolf sightings and how people turn into werewolves have changed from their original ways. When turning into a werewolf originally, you could be any age to turn but through time you have to be a specific age to turn into a werewolf. The specific age for turning into a werewolf now is when teenage boys hit puberty. The age limit changed around the 1950's and so on. It would make sense because when teen boys change, they do get more hairy all over their bodies and they start to get tempers. Stereotypical werewolves behaviors.

This is what social media has transformed werewolves physical appearance

Here's a video of what inspired the werewolf legends:

What are werewolves afraid of?

Werewolves are afraid of silver, and wolfs bane. Especially wolfs bane. Traditionally, wolfs bane would be posionous to werewolves and so over the years and decades, werewolves have become afraid of wolfs bane, learning from older werewolves mistakes.

List of some movies that involve werewolves

  • 'Silver Bullet' Stephen King and Gary Busey (1985)
  • 'An American werewolf in London' John Landis (1981)
  • 'An American werewolf in Paris' Anthony Waller(1997)
  • 'The twilight saga' David Slade(2007)

Werewolves in Gèvaudan France, 1500's to 1600's

In the 1500's to 1600's, a huge epidemic broke out in Gèvaudan France. There were stories, sightings, and trials. It got so bad that there were exicutions to those who were allegedly werewolves. Those accused of being werewolves were burned to death, and were beheaded, even if they were innocent. But only some of the accused were innocent. A lot of them were criminals, and no one decided against it.

Why are we so afraid of werewolves?

  • Fear of pain from the stereotypical sharp claws and sharp teeth
  • Fear of the "menacing eyes"

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