Chaco National park BY The Ay

It's so dark there that you can see the Milky Way and it's good for stargazing

My dad went here so I wanted to learn more about it these are cliff dwelling the Anasazi made.

The first day we got there I said we should go see the Anasazi cliff dwellings

We saw a ton of scenery and we took a few pictures

Day 2 The next day,  we woke up at 4 in the morning because we woke up so early I was so tiered we ate fish it wasn't that good but after we had pancakes We finally got to the cliff dwellings it was so cool to learn about there culture they one day just left the cliff dwellings with food on the table and everything people believed that aliens came and they ran away from theme trying to find somthing. But there are other reasonable explanation's.

Day 2 we went to this place called international dark sky park. It's a place we're there are no permanent outdoor lighting because if there are there could be light pollution and you can't see the stars as well and the people can study the stars there it's really good for pictures and a tourist attraction.

Just like this picture if you had light pollution you wouldn't be able to see this it was amazing.

Day 3 Meanwhile, my family decided to go to the Chaco museum collection they had stuff as old as 2900BC now that's pretty old they had culture activities there and other fun things I got a little pot from there gift shop. They had a ton of little facts to learn more about Chaco .

After these long days we finally came home

That was my fake sorta fun trip to Chaco... My sources were Schoology and world book online

Thanks for watching. BYE!!


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