Week 2, the Iron Age village.

Following the discovery of an Iron Age had a think about the village in which the people might have lived. We based it on an artists impression thinking about what each different building might be used for and who might live in it.

We had a think about what people might do in the village but you need to scroll further down for that!

We had a go at writing a balanced argument. We have kept to in class arguments at the moment! Mobile phones in class has been a contentious issue!
We have started looking at fractions properly, adding and subtracting those with the same denominator.
In our class reader, The Wee Free Men, the main character makes butter. We had a go using double cream and shaking for about 15 minutes. Not too bad! We all had a slice of toast.
In Spanish, we finished the story about animals!
Our outdoor P.E. is netball. The effort put in to Mr Behenny’s fitness class especially by those at home is still very impressive!
We also had a think about the role different people might have in an Iron Age village. We started writing an imagined diary entry but these need a bit of work as we’re still not sure what some of the jobs entail. What actually is a ‘smelter’ for example?
In science, we are looking at habitats and how they can change. We looked at habitats that are changed by natural processes like the tides, storms, floods and droughts. We tried designing an animal that could cope with a greater range of habitats, including a bird that could also breathe under water!