Carving By: Toby R.

The design I chose is a picture of a smash ball, from the franchise Super Smash Bros, by Nintendo. I got this idea, because Super Smash Bros is one of my favorite games ever, so I wanted to make something to symbolize that game. The smash ball is probably the most famous thing in the whole game. The reason I like this game so much is because I used to always play this game with my brother and his friends, and we would always have fun playing. I remember these moments, and I always will. The thing that I wanted to show in this photo most was the fire setting the smash ball ablaze. I think that this is the coolest part of the picture, so I tried to trace the fire as best as I could. All I searched for was smash ball, and I found one that was a solid black, making it easiest to trace.

I had to prepare for my carving by printing out a paper of the smash ball, then putting a white paper over it, then tracing it over in sharpie. In order to carve properly, I had to make sure how far in the design was actually being carved. I had help from that. To modify the design, I added the words, "Final Smash!" to the actual design. I also had to make the design move to the center, and make it a little bit bigger.

This is the machine that carved my design. It is called a Carvey. The way this machine works is it takes the work you did in the computer, and carves according to what you put in. In order to actually carve your design, you need a sheet of plastic. The type of plastic we used for our designs was called HDPE. After my design finished carving, there were wood shavings everywhere, but we didn't have time to clean it, because our time ran out before my design finished. So, during the day, my teacher vacuumed all the shavings later.

Once again, this is the Carvey. The most exciting parts were watching the machine carve the plastic, making it look like my exact design, which was very cool. I learned that carving is not as easy as you would think!

This is my final project. I think it turned out very well, and it looks quite smooth. My carving turned out the exact way I was expecting it, because I was careful with having my design in the exact spot I wanted it. I feel like I balanced the positive and negative shapes pretty well, because I used the negative shapes and positive shapes, and combined them well to make a big, cool design. I am most proud of the fire blazing behind the smash ball, because I feel like that is the most noticeable part about the smash ball. I think one thing I could've improved on was the fact that some of the positive shapes were too small, and it looked a little disproportionate. I think next time, I will be more aware of how thick my lines should be. I think the most interesting part of this project was the tracing part. This is because I like to draw, so it was fun for me. I think the most difficult part of this project was tracing. While I said it was fun, it was also hard to get it the exact way I wanted it. My final thoughts on this project is you have to do a lot of work to have a cool design, but it definitely pays off.

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