Don't Underestimate Me By Jennifer Dunlap

My story is about my Uncle Fred who has a disability where is brain processes slower than people without this disability. Although he has a disability he has not let him slow him down one bit. When he was younger he used to walk miles and miles all over his town. He also used to draw a lot and his drawings were magnificent. These drawings were put in a building for local art display for others to see and admire. His one most famous and common photo is a picture of “The Boulder.” The Boulder was an old, over 100 year old, house in Amherst, New Hampshire. He loved his house, just as he loved all antiquities. He used to stay here with his family every summer. A couple years ago, my dad and I took him to see the site, like we do every summer. When we got there, it was destroyed. Nobody else you or I could ever think of would love something like this, but he did. A couple years ago he slowed down with age and does not draw anymore. As shown in the photos he does a lot of watching tv and sleeping. When others look at these photos, they may only see a man with disabilities watching television, but through these photos there is more to him and others with disabilities to understand.

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