Got A Swim Cap? By,Sarah Turcotte

Got a Swim Cap?

Beep! And the swimmers are off, with Katie Ledecky in the lead! But somebody is catching up to her. And it is, You! You're the next gold medal olympian! In this article, you're going to learn what to buy, swimming strokes, and dives! Get ready to enter in the next olympics!

What Should I Buy?

In swimming, there is more stuff you need than a bathing suit. For instance, there are some brands that have excellent swimming accessories.

There is Speedo, Dolphin Fin, Swim Spray, Ultra Breath, Turbo, Tri Swim, and there are other companies too. I suggest to get a speedo bathing suit.

Here are the things you might want to buy, swimming cap, training gear, and bags. There are certain accessories you want. If you're doing a performance, you want a certain swimming cap. If you're competing you want a certain swimming cap. You might want certain training gear. You can get paddles fins and resistance gear. Also, you might want a bag to carry your items. Here are some suggestions. You might want a backpack, a duffle, or a tote.

Pool Safety

Hey! You can't go in the pool yet! You don't want to get hurt, do you?You have to follow the basic rules to stay safe! Then we'll get to the fun stuff.

Rule #1,swim only in areas with trusted adults.

Rule #2,follow all the swimming rules posted at the swimming area.

Rule #3,walk on the sides of the pool, don't run.

Rule #4,never swim alone.

Rule #5,leave doing flips off diving boards to the professionals.

What’s a Stroke?

A stroke is a type of swimming movement that you do in the pool. There´s freestyle, back crawl,breaststroke, butterfly, and dolphin kick. Freestyle is a basic stroke.

First, you hang onto the pool wall, then you push off and glide. Next, start kicking. Now, start taking your arm out of the water, and put it down and do the same thing with the other arm,while keeping your other arm by your side. Make sure your still kicking, and now speed it up a little.

Next thing, is the back stroke. Float on your stomach, and start kicking. Do the same arm motion that you did for freestyle, and there! You have learned the back stroke.

Next is breaststroke. Glide off, and put your legs and arms apart. Bring them in, and glide. Try to speed up.

Now let's do dolphin kick. Glide off the wall, and put your hands together. Keep your legs together, and kick like that.

Finally, keep on practicing these strokes, stay safe,get what you need, and read other books or do some swimming lessons, before you join a swim team!


olympian: a very athletic person

accessories: a object that you can ad to something to make it more useful, or prettier

companies: a brand, that makes an object

trusted: a person you can believe in, to not tell a secret

glide: to stay still, while moving

professionals:people that are really good at something, and do it without getting hurt.


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