Indus River Valley Nice Crisp WATER

Welcome to the Indus River we have only the crispest water in India, I meant to mention we also have plumbing and a big tub the size of a pool. We will be keeping you in our safe high up houses, that are only top quality for you!

And if you have kids we have a ton of games for your children. We have board games and clay models that can work as toys. And for adults we have building, craft workers, traders and farmers as jobs.

We Also have amazing soil because because we live right by a river(if you didn't know that stop get some help.) so starvation isn't a big problem here.

I used to live in Egypt, but once I learned about India my family had to go! Overall India is a great community.

We hope you come to India to enjoy the views as well.

It would be great if you could come to the Indus Valley and be apart of our community.

We are are north west of the western, and eastern ghats. Also the Indus River flows into the Arabian Sea.

I hope you come to the Indus River Valley, and have fun Indus location.

Biography: Tci social studies book


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