The Knowing Bystander By, Sam Lodge

Life on the run. Running day after day and night after night. It’s a situation no one wants to be in, especially if you have limited to no food, no shoes and it’s around 50C. This, for many Yemeni families and civilians, is their life.

In Yemen a civil war is being fought and it all started in 2011. The war has risen up into a full blown war which now includes many outside terrorist organizations such as Isis, Saudi-led organization and more. There are, as of January 31st 2016, 2,430,178 IDPs (refugees) in Yemen.

Why should we care? We, the United States are fighting our own wars. Why should we have to waste our money and our materials to help fight in a war we don't even care about. Why should we risk the lives of our own soldiers and family members to fight in war 8113.865 miles from us.

We should care, whether or not you know it, we are already fighting in the war.

The United states claims to be sending aid. They are sending medical supplies to treat those injured by the war, even though Yemen hospitals are having to limit who they treat due to the fact of limited medical supplies and the increase of injuries. Also the United States is sending food and water through air drops. Supplying the Yemeni civilians their daily needs since food and water have become scarce as a result of the war.

The United States is acting like a magician, making us see all the good things they are doing, while behind the scenes there is a trick to it. The hidden truth is that the United States are in fact sending the Saudi-led organization correlation bombs, which are being used to annihilate entire city blocks and buildings. Leaving families homeless, children motherless, and families lifeless.

The Yemeni civilians are in a time of a crisis. It has been turned into a full out war zone, where there is no real good side. Building, hospitals, and homes have been destroyed due to the use of coalition bombs. The war has sent fear into those living in Yemen causing a mass number of the Yemeni population to flee into other neighboring countries.

There was reportedly a group of around 140 people were placed on a boat, which would flee the southern coast of Yemen and was aiming to cross to Sudan. They we attempting to leave the country’s brutal civil war in order to pursue somewhat of a life.

The boat had only got out to around 30 miles of the Yemeni coast when a helicopter gunship began attacking the boat. The helicopter opened fire on the innocent civilians, quickly many passengers lit torches to show they were civilians, at that moment the helicopter stopped. 42 people were brutally murdered, while dozens sustained injuries. “The survivors – 75 men and 15 women – were taken to detention centres.”

Yemeni civilians unload 40 dead bodies after the helicopter attack off the Yemen coast

Innocent civilians, who were only trying to leave a time of war and save themselves, were either killed or put into detention centres. Shouldn’t this be a sign or even a signal? The idea that these innocent children, these innocent women and these innocent men have to leave their whole life, home, family, etc. and then are forced to risk there live to escape from the war, with no help is excruciating.

The innocents are in our need. The Yemeni civilians need help, and we are not doing anything.

They need our help, becuase once and only if the Yemeni people successfully flee the war zone of Yemen they forced to live in these desert camps which “as well as sandstorms and 50C heat, the residents of the camp at Obock have to contend with no electricity and shortages of drinkable water”. These people live in tents which spread across the desert for mile.

"Conditions in Djibouti's Obock refugee camp are harsh"

I find this appalling and it seems surreal, but for those people it’s very much reality. The idea in which you know someone in your family might die and you may never have a future is something I could never wish upon my worst of enemies. We need to send our help, military back up, helicopters or planes or boats, either of which could be used to pick up these stranded civilians and bring them into the safety of our nation.

We’re taught, from the start of preschools, to treat others the way you want to be treated and to stand up for a victim in a case of bullying. In this incident, the Yemeni civilians are the victims and we should be the kid to stand up to the bullies. If we just acknowledge there is a problem in Yemen and do nothing we are no better than Isis and the other terrorist organization that are fighting in Yemen, killing the innocent civilians.

Created By
Sam Lodge

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