Feb. 05, 2017 Day #1 @WYS

This annual event is for high school students from all around the world.

Secretary General and the officers.

They are ALL great students from our schools. Some have graduated but are happy to come back and learn more.

The Masters of the Opening Ceremony! They are both freshmen, but they did a good job!

The WYS has always been a great place for our students to learn authentically. We have trained many great talents here.

The Secretary General--Amber Lin

Being the Secretary General is a tough job. It's not like the chairs and co-chairs that are the focus of attention. She has to sort of "fill in" all the time!

Our keynote speaker this year: Prof. Wei from NTNU. He is a geologist.

A keynote speaker is very important. This year we have a great keynote speaker who is not only a scholar but also has abundant experience in putting theories into practice. He is the former EPA Chief Administrator.

Prof. Wei talks about how we "homo sapiens" can take the role of the protecter of our earth and make it sustainable.

Anthropocene? It's quite a new word for me, too! However, it does make some sense. We humans are really bringing so much change to this world. We can't deny that for the past century we have changed the world drastically.

Prof. Wei is so immersed in his speech! Quite a scholar!
The committees started in the afternoon. After the ROP tutorial and the roll call, it is time for the delegates to approach the podium and make their opening speeches!

The committee sessions finally kicked off! Be sure to be willing to speak up, communicate, collaborate, and compromise, dear fellow delegates!

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