victor Morales strong photography 2

Artist's Statement

I love photography i love to take pictures of things that look cool to me i don`t have a big instantiation behind my work one day i decide i wanted to learn how take a good photo so i have taken classes on how to use a camera properly as far as my photographs go i only like to take pictures of what i like or what i think looks cool or what i think is funny.

my top five favorite photographs

this is one of my many favorite photos i took this photo for a photo challenge this photo challenge was called a attack of the clones i like to call this photo the meting of the clones for this photo i just took four photos of my self then i edited the photos together to make look the way it looks. IOS:1205 f/4.5 24mm 1/30 sec

this photo is from the same photo challenge attack of the clones i also love this photo very much this photo is supposed to represent three different persons in me the one in the middle is the original me the one on the left is supposed to be the one that does dumb things and the one on the right is the one that knows what to do and gets his work done you never know who i could be. IOS:100 24MM F/4.0 1/30 sec

I also took this photograph for a photo challenge here at my school to me this photo challenge is called HDR to me this photo looks like it was taken on an alternate world where nothing goes wrong and any thing can happen. IOS:100 f/13 18mm 1/100sec

this photo is from the same photo challenge called HDR i also like this photo very much because to me it doesn't look real but it is real i took this photograph inside my school we are the t wolves. IOS:1600 46mm f/8.0 1/1000

i took this photo for a photo challenge called low key lighting i like this photo because it one of the first photos that i took when i stated taking photographs IOS:100 f/5.0 1/160

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