Alfred Stieglitz Jade Gestring

Art is a huge part of my life, and one of my favorite things to do. I see it as a form of expression and that's how other people like to express themselves. That's one cool thing about art; people can look at it in different ways. If you look for it, art can be everywhere. I'm very passionate about what I do, and I'm planning pursuing it for the rest of my life.
Light Writing 2016
France Trip, summer of 2016. France is full of beautiful architecture that most people can't find around the U.S. I am very fortunate in receiving the opportunity of traveling there. There were so many beautiful sunsets, and the buildings have such warm colors; even the lights outside of the little shops were so welcoming.
Mont Saint Michel, France 2016. This was a castle off by itself, and during high tide it's an island. This castle used to be a little village, but is now mostly a tourist attraction. People still live there, but it reminded me of what Hogwarts would be like. It was very cool, full of corridors and had a draw bridge out front. The view was amazing from the top, but I mainly enjoyed the little things. Like the lanterns and the signs on the walls. I like the way this turned out because of the stair case on the left compliments the brick building nicely. The lanterns give off a comfy, peaceful feeling.
Saint Malo, France trip 2016. The most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen were in this little sea side town. The ocean is incredible, and the sun setting over the water is spectacular. I love the way the camera caught the rays of light, and the islands out in the background.
Troglodytes, France trip 2016. This is an underground city that people used to live in, and our group got to go around and look at the different rooms and machinery they used and the way they lived. It's very strange to think that people lived underground since you don't hear about it much. But it was absolutely beautiful. There was so much vegetation which complimented the color of the dirt walls. The people who lived there carved out the brick look. Imagine how long that would take. Especially since they didn't have the technology or machinery we do now. They had to use pick axes and things like that. Mind blowing.
France trip 2016. This was taken at Monet's Gardens in Giverny, France. Before the trip I had never seen a water lily, so I had to take some pictures. The garden was absolutely enormous, and it was raining at the time. But I love the way the flowers so bright, and how the camera captured the water droplets on the water.
This picture was taken at the Archie Bray. This picture is set up in thirds. The statue guy is in the third left section of the picture. The bright orange of his face draws the eye to it. The blue lettering of the poem relates to the blue in the corner opposite of it.
This picture is set up in rule of thirds. The closest tree is in a third of the picture along with the building in the background. This also gives the picture dimension. The trees in front of the building and behind the closest tree add to that effect. The sky looks fogged, so it might be snowing in the background or the sky could be overcast. The branches in the top corners almost frame the tree in the front.
This picture is a rule of thirds with the two trees in the front. The main composition in this picture is the depth. There are close up trees and you can see the detail in the branches, and the camera captures the furthest away trees.
Another depth picture. The branches up close make the buildings in the back seem further away.
This is a rule of thirds and a depth picture. The carriage is in the left third side of the picture, and the buildings on the right are in the left two thirds of the photo. This picture also has leading lines, the road leads off the picture and makes the eye travel in that direction.
This picture was taken at Great Divide. The light is peeking through the trees and creates really nice shadows of the trees onto the snow. I love the way there's a halo of light around the snow on the tree's leaves. This is a peaceful picture.
In this picture the sun is on the left side, out of the picture. But you can tell where it is by the look of the trees. It's definitely brighter on the left side of each. I like the gradation of the colors on the trees, because the tips are darker because the snow must have blown off, but down the below the snow is clinging to the branches. There is also the halo of light around the branches of these trees.
In this picture my eye is drawn to the bright white in the background. But the tree in the front has so much texture. There is a lot of texture in this picture, because the closes tree looks rough, but the lighter tree off to the left looks more smooth. The way the snow is on the tree bark makes the trees look that much rougher.
A Christmas tradition my family has is setting up a little village on the backside of our baby grand piano. We have about ten little houses, along with some trees and people, and we set them onto white fabric with lights underneath. I love the way it looks with the lights of my house turned off with the light illuminating the village from underneath.

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