Project 3 By Richard Gomez

The aim of this project was not about the actual products made, it was more about the processes to make the finished products, and the steps in between along with the normal mistakes such as wrong sizing and machine malfunctions.

Well for our project we used the 3d printer, laser cutter, and cnc milling machine. The 3d printer had sla that formed a hot material and cooled upside down. While FDM slowly builds up a filament. The laser cutter can either cut through or make small slits in wood to make designs or words. While CNC cuts through the wood in small sections basically carving it out/away.

The actual names of each machine we used are SRM -20 for the CNC machine, then the versa laser for the laser cutter, and lastly for the 3d printer, FDM is makerbot replicator, while the SLA is the Form-2.

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