Walden West Campfire By:Abby

I had fun at the campfire. I sat with my cabin and friends. My cabin was the coyotes. When we sat down they started it. Super Fly told us that he was a script writer for the camp. He said he wanted to show us a play script he wrote. He said he wrote the script for the "Giagantic" and everyone started laughing. He said he was going to act it out for us with his friend Earthworm. But Earthworm kept messing up the scrip. He even did a tail-jump over the fire!

The "Gigantic"

Then they told us the teachers and cabin leaders had a skit they wanted to show us. The cabin leaders skit came first. There were two. The first one was about This nurse that hated her job. So some guy came and said he was sick and the nurse said "I don't care, just wait over there for the doctor". So the guy went over there to wait for the doctor. Then a girl came and said "I can't stop swinging my arms". And the nurse said the same thing he said to the other guy. So the girl went over the guy, and the guy said Whats wrong with you. She said I can't stop swinging my arms. And then she got cured randomly. And the guy started swinging his arms. The girl left after that. Then another guy came and the same thing happen over and over and over again. Then some guy said I'm going into LABOR! Then everybody started laughing!

Then came the teachers skit. They asked a bunch of campers if they could hold something that was supposed to be a stick. They did a skit about the candy store. There was a bunch of customers who asked if the lady behind the counter had skittles, airheads and Kisses. But the store did not have any. And then he lady behind the counter said can I intrest you in some suckers on a stick. And then the story ended. THE END!!!!!

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