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FHE Halloween Parade

Friday, October 25th marked our Annual FHE Halloween Parade. Students paraded around our school and through the neighborhood in front of families, friends, and neighbors.


Don't Sweat the Technique
1st Grade Teachers are at the head of the Pac.
There's a BUZZ in 3rd Grade...literally...ask Mrs. Habick.
What S'More could you want?
Are 2nd Grade Teachers related to Fountain Hill Phil?
4th Grade + Mrs. Frank....A Scary Combination!

Our Principal Mrs. Stambaugh and The Hill Leadership Team use this section of THE HILL to share important news and announcements related to our FHE School Community.

October Review

The month of October has flown by! Staff at The Hill have ensured our students continue to be engaged in academics as well as extracurricular activities to enhance learning! Depending on what grade your child is in, he or she may have experienced Tales of the Towpath, a pumpkin patch, tree farm, or a PPL energy conservation program (just to name a few)! FHE was also excited to have two of our 5th grade student leaders participate in the Leader in Me Symposium at Nitschmann Middle School!

We take pride in having our families experience events at The Hill! Families were welcomed into the learning environment over American Education Week! Halloween on the Hill was a “Spooktacular” experience! Our annual Halloween parade, safe trick or treat and Harvest on the Hill was a fulfilled way to wrap-up the month of October!

As we move into November, please note the following.

-The Bethlehem Halloween Parade was postponed. The parade has been rescheduled for Sunday, November 3rd at 2:00 PM. Tiger families should meet at 13th and W. Broad Street.

-Attendance is a key component for any child’s success in school. Students should arrive at 8:55 AM ready to start the day. It is requested that you do your best to ensure your child is in school from 8:55 AM – 3:40 PM. Please attempt to schedule appointments outside the regular school day.

-Fall conferences will be held on November 18th and 19th. Families may schedule a conference by clicking on the conference link on our school website. Conference times for specialists will not be scheduled, but related arts teachers will be available on conference days.

***All students will be dismissed at 12:00 PM on the 18th and 19th of November.

-As we move into colder weather months, students should dress accordingly. Recess is an important part of your child’s day! In the event your child needs a coat, hat, gloves, etc., please contact our Community School Coordinator (Mrs. Hoffman).

We are very pleased to welcome the following new staff members to Fountain Hill:

Miss Nicole Allen - 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Michelle Castignetti - 3rd Grade Teacher

Mr. Fernando Fonseca - Custodial Staff

Click the Link Below to Fill Out the BACK TO SCHOOL FORMS Online.

-Mrs. Stambaugh, Principal

Each month our Student Reporters select an FHE Staff Member to be our FEATURED TEACHER. They share their interview in this section of THE HILL.

Mrs. Mosellie

5th Grade Teacher

Below is the Student Reporters' interview with Mrs. Mosellie

Q: How many years have you been teaching at FHE?

A: 15 years

Q: What is your favorite Children's Book?

A: Maniac Magee

Q: What are your hobbies when not teaching?

A: Skiing, being outdoors, exercising, and being with my family

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Black and Pink

Q: What Colleges did you attend?

A: Moravian College

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: I love all foods, but one of my favorites is sushi.

Q: Who was your hero while growing up?

A: My Grandmother

Q: What is your all-time favorite lesson/activity to teach?

A: I enjoy teaching Fractions.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories from when you were in Elementary School yourself?

A: Being in a school play, Olympic day, and all of my teachers.

Who will be our next FHE FEATURED TEACHER?

Find out in the next month's edition of THE HILL: FHE's Digital Newsletter.

Showing Our Tiger Pride in the Bethlehem Halloween Parade

On Sunday, November 3rd FHE Staff and Families walked with our Tiger Prideland float in the annual Bethlehem Halloween Parade.

5th Graders working with Miss Lawrence on designing the parade float.
Mr. Maurer prepping our float.

Harvest On The HILL

On October 31st FHE welcomed families to participate a night of Trick-or Tricking, crafts, games, reading, pizza, S'mores & More!

Watch a Video of the event by clicking the link below.

Thank you, Lehigh University Sports!

Thank you to our FHE Families for coming out and a huge #HighPaw to Mrs. Hoffman for leading the event and to the Lehigh Community Service Office and Lehigh University Sports for supporting us!

Watch Us On WFMZ News!

WFMZ News and Reporter Irene Snyder interviewing 4th Grader Fraimy!

Click the link below for WFMZ's coverage of our Harvest On The Hill!

Our Student Reporters want to know more about our FHE School Community. Each month they'll ask a question, and share the responses in this section of THE HILL.

This Month's Question....

FHE Staff...What Is Your Most Memorable Halloween Costume from When You Were A Kid?

This video was 100% created by our Student Reporters!

They "Appsmashed" two Apps together by having teachers record themselves in an app called Flipgrid and then imported those clips into WeVideo to create this finished video.

Kyle, Jaydan, and Quentin working on this video!

Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Meckes will use this new section of THE HILL to highlight our after school programs, community partners, and services they provide for our students and families.

FHE Apparel Fundraiser

Please consider supporting our APPAREL FUNDRAISER, due 11/14! Items for sale include short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts, beanies, bags and magnets! These items make wonderful gifts for your whole family, and proceed benefit field trips for our students!

Upcoming Hill Happenings.

Our BOOK FAIR will be held during Parent/ Teacher Conferences on Monday 11/18 5PM - 8PM and Tuesday 11/19 12PM - 4PM! Our Book Fair is a great opportunity to do some holiday shopping and pick out books to keep the kids busy at home over our long winter break this year! We hope you will consider visiting! We will also be hosting a Bake Sale during Book Fair!

Questions about after school programming? Contact Mrs. Meckes: cmeckes@basdschools.org

Please contact Mrs. Hoffman: phoffman@basdschools.org

This monthly section of THE HILL will let readers follow in the tracks of our FHE Tigers to give a sense of what it's like to be a part of our family of learners and leaders.



1st Grade

All EYES on books in Miss Dagnall's class.

2nd Grade

Outstanding Leader Award from Mr. Flad

3rd Grade

Math Center in Mrs. Habick's class.

4th Grade

Tales of the Towpath field trip.

5th Grade

Mr. McDonald's students learning about the skeletal system in Science.
Kamila and Shea share their "X-Ray" Science/Art project after learning about the Skeletal System.

Related Arts

Practicing numbers in Spanish class with Mrs. Olmeda.

FHE Reading Specialists will use this section to cover WONDERful reading techniques, strategies, and suggestions for our families to use at home with children.

Reading Snapshot


In Kindergarten students are learning letters and sounds! These are the letters they have learned (M, A, S, P, T). The students are learning how to count syllables in words, blend the onset and rime together to make a word, and how to identify beginning sounds in a word.


1st Grade

The first grade students are working on finding key details in a passage and text evidence using photographs and words. They have been practicing how to decode words with short vowels remembering that one vowel followed by a consonant makes the vowel short.

2nd Grade

Second grade is decoding words with long vowel sounds and having collaborative conversations in the classrooms. Students have the opportunity to turn and talk to classmates responding to a posed question from their teacher.

3rd Grade

Third grade wrote friendly letters describing their favorite fall memories. They are working on decoding words with long vowels. Students are reading fables and folktales while asking and answering questions about the text.

Friendly Letters in 3rd Grade.

FHE Reads At Home

Mention @BASDFtHill on Twitter and use the hashtag #FHEreadsAtHome or print your picture out and bring it to Mrs. O'Donnell to get your picture on the bulletin board! Keep Reading at Home!

Fountain Hill Phil reading at home!

In this section of THE HILL, Mr. Drey and Mr. Dicicco will feature the awesome ways FHE students are learning, creating, and collaborating with the help of Technology.

Vocab + Video = Awesome!

To practice our 8 vocabulary words for the week, we ask students to create a video using WeVideo that incorporate the words in context. Using WeVideo's text overlay animations, music, transitions, and stock footage, students interacted with each word by creating a scene in context. Soooo much better than a worksheet!

Check out Kyla's video below.

Friday FHE Morning News

Did you know that every Friday our Morning Announcements come via the FHE Friday Morning News Show starring 5th Grade hosts?

Mr. DiCicco and students use WeVideo and a Green Screen to create the Morning News episodes each week.

Click the button to check out the episodes:

Resources From Mr. Dicicco

Links For Keyboard Practice

Dance Mat Typing is a great resource for K-2 students to polish up your keyboarding skills!
Typing Club is a great resource for 3-5 students to polish up your keyboarding skills!
Mr. Dicicco and Mr. Drey

Each month our Student Reporters ask students a specific question.

This Month they surveyed 5th Graders on the following question...

"What Is Your Favorite Candy?"

Here are the results:

Student Reporters Kyle and Jaydan creating a Graph using Google Sheets.
Student Reporters surveying Mrs. Voorhees' class.

Hill Happenings.

Stay Updated.

FHE Featured in BASD Media's "Eye on Elementary" Video Series

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