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These photos describe the LOCATION of Nigeria
The geographic definition of location is location refers to a specific physical point on earth
Nigerias relative location is near the middle of Africa
Nigerias capital is Abuja. The exact location of Abuja is 9.0765 north and 7.3986 degrees east
Nigeria is a country on the continent Africa
One interesting land form in Nigeria is the Zumba rock
1. The climate is tropical hot 2. Temperatures very according to season 3. There are rainy and dry seasons
Cameron,chad , Níger ,and Benin are the countries that border Nigeria
The body of water that is around Nigeria is the Gulf of Guinea. Some bodies of water that are in Nigeria are Niger River , lake chad ,and the benve river.
The geographic theme of place is the physical and human aspects of location.
Some natural resources that are found in Nigeria are gold, salt,coal lead, and oil
Some cultural groups that are found in Nigeria are the Hausa,Fulani,and Igbo 
The most common religion practiced in Nigeria is Muslim
Some traditions in Nigeria are having festivals, and some holidays they have Independence Day and Christmas
The government in Nigeria is very organized and the economy is mixed (middle income)
The geographic definition of human environment interaction is the way humans change the environment
The types of crops grown in Nigeria are rice , cocoa beans, and corn
The top jobs in Nigeria are engineers, bankers, and accountants
Nigeria does have endangered species , the African manatee is endangered because it eats stuff that is not food and it doesn't know better.
Deforestation is an environment problem in Nigeria. No solutions have been offered yet
The geographic definition of region is an area on the planet that is composed of places with a unifying characteristic
Nigerias education system is similar to the rest of Africa's (not good)
Nigerias population is 191,835,936 and the population density is 200.5
The area of Nigeria in square miles is 356,669 m2
3,005.51 is Nigeria per captic gdp
80 years is the life expectancy for males and females expectancy is 64 years
The literacy rate is about 57 percent
Tropical dry climate is the climate region for Nigeria
The geographic definition of movement is the translocation of human beings ,their goods, and there ideas from one end of the planet to another
Some goods imported are frozen cod and durum wheat.some exported goods are nature gas and propane
The flag is green and white and the flag designed in 1959
Nigeria gained its independence through constitutions that were legislated by the British government
Nigerias technology is just the basic computer
Popular modes of transportation in Nigeria are trains and cars and popular communication is face to face talking.
A major event that is happening in Nigeria is Nigerias president ( Muhammad buhari) is missing
Another major event happening in Nigeria is a Nigerian fighter jet accidentally bombed a camp for displaced people
You should go to Nigeria for many reasons. One reason is the animals are beautiful. Another reason you should go to Nigeria is they aware rich in oil. They are number 1 in Africa. Also, Nigeria has amazing food. Finally the last reason you should go to Nigeria is it's a peaceful country.
In Nigeria a typical teen is different from the United States teen. Only the younger kids go to school. During the day you would have to clean around where ever they lived. After you do you work most kids play soccer. They don't listen to music because technology is that popular. The clothes and a t shirt and shorts. There is no shoe
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