Southern Colonies Aedan c

Southern colonies-the place where you can live on the beach.

Reason For Founding

The reasons for founding were money, religion, and a strong buffer zone. Georgia is a buffer zone so if you are strong and like to protect come to Georgia.

Is your country not the plane for you? Come to the Southern colonies.


The southern colonies geography is swampy, hot, rich soil, and flat. This is the place to farm. So if you like farming, fishing, and boat building you will love the south


The way people make money in the Southern colonies is plantations, lumbering, shipping, fishing, enslaving. Enslaving is no longer in the Southern colonies, but fishing is!

There is great places to go in and out on your boats! Got to love your boat. There is also a lot of water because your on the coast, so you can fish,swim,and boat.

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