Open Enrollment 2017 November 1, 2016 - january 31, 2017

Open Enrollment Deadlines

  • November 1, 2016: Open Enrollment 2017 starts. This is the first day you can enroll, re-enroll, or change health plans for 2017.
  • December 19, 2016: You must enroll in or change health plans by this date for your health plan to start January 1, 2017.
  • January 1, 2017: 2017 insurance starts if you enrolled or changed plans by December 15.
  • January 15, 2017: You must enroll in a health plan by this date for your health plan to start February 1, 2017.
  • January 31, 2017: Last day to enroll in or change a 2017 health plan. After this date, you can enroll or change plans only if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

Driving Enrollment through


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Local Help is Available

  • Drive consumers to to find assistance with the enrollment process. People and groups in your community can help you apply, pick a plan, and enroll – all for free. Most are available to meet in-person.

Additional Resources

Final January 31st Deadline for 2017 Coverage

  • Don’t wait! Enroll by January 31st for 2017 coverage. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • The math is simple: #GetCovered by January 31st. Go → [IMAGE]
  • REMINDER: Your last chance to enroll for 2017 coverage is January 31st! Act now. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • January 31 = the last day to enroll for 2017 coverage. Enroll now! #GetCovered [IMAGE]

Join the Millions and #GetCovered

  • Millions have already signed up. Join them and #GetCovered by January 31st! [IMAGE]
  • #GetCovered is trending because everyone is signing up. Sign up by January 31. [IMAGE]
  • Everyone is doing it. Join the movement and #GetCovered for 2017. Enroll by the 31st! [IMAGE]
  • Join the millions who have already signed up and #GetCovered for 2017. Enroll by January 31st! [IMAGE]
  • Did you #GetCovered? Don’t miss the bus. Join millions of people and enroll for 2017 @HealthCareGov → [IMAGE]

Young and Healthy

  • Young ≠ invincible. Don’t gamble with your health. Sign up! #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • If you think you’re invincible, you’re wrong. Get health coverage, so you’re covered for the what-ifs. [IMAGE]
  • Growing up means getting health coverage. It only takes a few minutes → #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • You may be young, but you’re not invincible! Join the millions and #JustGetCovered! [IMAGE]
  • Friends don’t let friends miss out on open enrollment! #JustGetCovered at! [IMAGE]
  • Help a friend #GetCovered…because it’s the cool thing to do. #JustGetCovered #NYED [IMAGE]
  • Busy schedule? No problem! Signing up for a 2017 health plan is easy AND affordable! Start here → #NYED [IMAGE]
  • Getting covered is the cat’s meow. And YES…it’s affordable! Most can #GetCovered for less than $75/month. How much is your cell phone bill? [IMAGE]
  • That moment you realize getting health insurance doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Enroll now → #NYED #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Get your head in the game and #GetCovered. All your friends are probably doing it too. #GetCovered #NYED [IMAGE]

LGBT Communities

  • We are proud to play a role improving healthcare access for #LGBT Americans & helping #LGBT Americans #GetCovered.
  • The #ACA has helped us make so much progress for the #LGBT community. And we’re not done → #GetCovered.
  • You can’t be charged a higher premium just because you’re part of the #LGBT community. This is why #CoverageMatters.

Private Sector

  • Thanks to [the #ACA/@HealthCareGov], job lock is a thing of the past. Pursue your dreams knowing you’re covered →
  • Self-employed? Working part-time? Freelancing? @HealthCareGov is here to help you #getcovered.
  • The #ACA makes it possible for entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and be covered along the way.
  • Pursue your dreams with peace of mind knowing you’re covered. Explore your options @HealthCareGov today →
  • The Health Insurance Marketplace is there for freelancers and part-timers. Explore your options @ #GetCovered
  • Thanks to the Marketplace, we’re ending job lock and giving Americans more options for coverage. #GetCovered
  • Pursue your dream. Know you’re covered. It’s as simple as starting your enrollment here → #GetCovered

Mental Health and Addiction

  • Once you #GetCovered, you can use your insurance to #StartTreatment for mental illness or addiction. [image]
  • It’s the law: insurance plans on the federal exchange must cover mental health care. #GetCovered #InsuranceParity
  • It’s the law: insurance plans on the federal exchange must cover addiction treatment. #GetCovered #InsuranceParity
  • 174 mil ppl #GotCovered by the #InsuranceParity Law & ACA. Having trouble w/ #MentalHealth coverage? We can help: [image]
  • 174 mil ppl #GotCovered by the #InsuranceParity Law & ACA. Having trouble w/ #addiction coverage? We can help: [image]
  • Will you be the 1? #GetCovered for the "what ifs" in life. Relax knowing you can #StartTreatment if you need it. [image]
  • Ready, set #GetCovered! Enroll now to get #MentalHealth coverage so you can #StartTreatment for the New Year. [image]
  • Ready, set #GetCovered! Enroll for #addiction treatment coverage now so you can #StartTreatment for the New Year. [image]
  • Take care of your mind as well as your body. #GetCovered so you can #StartTreatment for #MentalIllness. [image]

The Importance of Enrolling

  • Coverage is an investment in your future – a down payment for a healthy and productive life. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Don't miss out on the little moments in life. Find a health plan that's there when you need it most. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Having a health plan means you can focus on the little moments in life with peace of mind. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Coverage has your back. It's about peace of mind. Live in the moment without worry. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Find peace of mind when you enroll for 2017. Coverage is there when you need it. #GetCovered [IMAGE]


  • Most people qualify for financial help to #GetCovered. Explore your options. [IMAGE]
  • You could find a plan for $50-$100 a month. You won't know unless you [go/shop]. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Find a health plan that's cheaper than your cell phone bill. [It's more than likely.] Shop now. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Most people shopping on @HealthCareGov will find plans with premiums of less than $75/month. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • See just how affordable health coverage can be. Explore your options to #GetCovered. [IMAGE]
  • FACT: The majority of current Marketplace consumers get tax credits that make coverage affordable. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • [SHARE:] Tax credits may be available to help you #GetCovered. [IMAGE]
  • Most @HealthCareGov customers will again be able to #GetCovered for less than $75/month. [IMAGE]
  • Thanks to financial help, most will be able to #GetCovered for LESS than $75/month. [IMAGE]
  • About 85% of current @HealthCareGov consumers and Marketplace-eligible uninsured Americans qualify for tax credits. [#GetCovered] [IMAGE]
  • [DYK?] 85% of current Marketplace consumers receive financial assistance to #GetCovered. [IMAGE]
  • Shop! You may find a better deal and save $$ in the process. #GetCovered. [IMAGE]
  • Go shopping! A better deal could save you money. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Shop…compare…save money. Visit today to explore your options to #GetCovered. [IMAGE]
  • Financial help could be available to 2.5M Americans with individual coverage off-Marketplace. [#GetCovered] [IMAGE]
  • Go shop! You may be surprised to find out you’re newly eligible for financial assistance. [You won’t know unless you go.] [#GetCovered] [IMAGE]
  • Most consumers will be able to find a good deal for less than $75 per month thanks to tax credits. [#GetCovered] [IMAGE]

Choice and Competition

  • [FACT:] Marketplace consumers will be able to choose from an average of 30 plans. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • [FACT:] Like last year, @HealthCareGov issuers will be offering an average of 10 plans each. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Nearly 80% of @HealthCareGov customers will be able to choose between competing insurers. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Go shop! @HealthCareGov customers will be able to choose from between an avg of 30 plans. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • You've got options. Shop, compare and pick the plan that fits your needs. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget. Shop and compare today. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Got a favorite doctor? Take a prescription? You can sort plans to make sure they’re covered. #GetCovered [IMAGE]

Ease of Access/Enroll on Your Mobile Device

  • It's easier than ever to #GetCovered. Enroll on your phone or tablet today. [IMAGE]
  • You buy clothes on your phone. You buy groceries on your phone. Buy health coverage on your phone too. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • It's easier than ever to enroll for health coverage on your phone or tablet. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • We’ve made it easier than ever to shop and compare plans. Explore your options to #GetCovered today. [IMAGE]
  • The #GetCovered process is faster and more streamlined than before. See for yourself. [IMAGE]

Local Help is Available (#HereToHelp)

  • Help is available to #GetCovered! 1-800-318-2596 or #HereToHelp [IMAGE]
  • We’re #HereToHelp → 1-800-318-2596 for 24/7 assistance, in English, Spanish, and 200+ other languages. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • SHARE: Free in-person help is available in your community. We’re #HereToHelp you #GetCovered. [IMAGE]
  • [CITY], we’re #HereToHelp you #GetCovered. Visit for assistance to #GetCovered.
  • [CITY] residents, need help to #GetCovered? Start here → #HereToHelp [IMAGE]
  • We’re #HereToHelp you #GetCovered! Find help in your local community → [IMAGE]
  • We’re #HereToHelp you #GetCovered 24/7. Our customer support line: 1-800-318-2596. Find in-person assistance here:
  • Need assistance to enroll? We’re #HereToHelp. Call 1-800-318-2596 or visit [IMAGE]
  • Have questions? We’ve got answers: 1-800-318-2596 or #GetCovered [IMAGE]

The Power of Prevention ( Team)

  • Screenings & vaccinations are covered at no cost to you. See what’s all covered: #GetCovered
  • #DYK certain preventive services are covered w/o charging you a copay or coinsurance? See the full list:
  • Vaccinations are important. See which are covered at no cost to you → #GetCovered
  • Prevention is power. Thanks to the #ACA, certain screenings and vaccinations are covered are no extra cost to you. #GetCovered
  • Thanks to the #ACA, preventive services like #flu shots and #bloodpressure screenings are covered at no extra cost! [LINK] #GetCovered
  • Certain preventive services are covered at no extra cost to you with health coverage under the #ACA. [LINK] #GetCovered

#MillennialMon (Young Invincibles)

  • Each Monday at 3pm ET, Young Invincibles (@YoungInvincible) hosts a weekly Twitter chat using the hashtag #MillennialMon to discuss important issues facing young adults. This is a great opportunity for partners to share resources and important health information and key messages about Open Enrollment.
  • Learn more about other upcoming #MillennialMon topics and how you can get involved: #MillennialMon

Rural America

  • Thanks to #ACA, the rate of the uninsured has ↓ by nearly 40% in rural communities. Let’s build on this! #GetCovered
  • There are 2.6M uninsured adults living in rural America. Let’s help them #GetCovered for 2017.
  • SHARE: Rural Americans have affordable coverage options on @HealthCareGov. Shop now! #GetCovered
  • Nearly 9/10 rural Americans shopping on @HealthCareGov will be able to get tax credits. #GetCovered
  • RT to share: 75% of rural @HealthCareGov consumers will be able to #GetCovered for less than $100/month.

#GetCovered Testimonials

  • It wasn’t until Tracy’s husband got sick that she realized all the benefits of the #ACA. #CoverageMatters
  • The #ACA is helping Chiara fight her breast cancer and stay alive. #CoverageMatters
  • The #ACA allows @CraftyChica to focus on her business knowing she’s covered. #CoverageMatters
  • #ACA #CoverageMatters to Elizabeth – who is covered and getting the right preventive care to stay healthy.
  • Thanks to #InsuranceParity, Graceanne's #ACA plan covers her #mentalhealth care. Her #CoverageMatters.
  • #CoverageMatters to Dan, a BMX rider who knows he’s not invincible. Coverage has his back. Join him and #GetCovered.
  • #CoverageMatters to Darvin, a Missouri farmer with a pre-x condition that doesn’t hold him back. via @HHSGov
  • Farming is all Darvin wants to do. With #ACA health coverage, he does it with peace of mind. #CoverageMatters
  • Health coverage gave Aaron peace of mind. Now he’s encouraging other #AIAN to #GetCovered. via @HHSgov
  • The #ACA gave Mary the freedom to leave her job, pursue her dream, and still be covered. It gave her independence.
  • #CoverageMatters to Mina. Thanks to the #ACA, she stayed on her parents' plan until 26. via @HHSGov
  • When Mina was diagnosed with cancer, her Marketplace coverage was there to protect her. #CoverageMatters #GetCovered
  • #CoverageMatters for icecreampreneur Victoria Lai. The #ACA made pursuing her business a reality.

General Messages

  • Visit today to enroll in 2017 coverage – don’t wait to #GetCovered! [IMAGE]
  • Join the millions who have already enrolled. Find the same peace of mind they did. #GetCovered. Be covered. [IMAGE]
  • Be covered for the what-ifs in life. You don't need health coverage...until you need it. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Know someone who needs health coverage? Share this message with them. #GetCovered [IMAGE]
  • Helping a friend #GetCovered is as simple as sharing this message with them. [IMAGE]
  • It's time to #GetCovered for 2017. It's affordable. It's easy. Start here → [IMAGE]

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