steady:hyperactive label + collective + platform


steady:hyperactive is a multimedia collective formed in Winston-Salem, NC in 2015, with creatives from multiple disciplines, ranging from musicians, photographers, producers, & visual artists. Led by Hollow Creeper, s:h formed through a necessity for an artist owned platform with members who go against the grain. Steady defines themselves as more than just a label, but as a lifestyle. This includes not only the growth + union of the official members but also of their hometown and other local artists.

  • Each artist in steady has over 10,000 streams on a major platform
  • OG Spliff leads with 100,000+ streams across all platforms.
  • Over 20,000 views on YouTube
  • January 18 2019 @ The Ramkat - "Air Fair"
  • March 21 2019 @ UNCG EUC Auditorium - "Millennial Showcase"
  • March 23 2019 @ Common Grounds Coffee Shop - "Spring Cleaning"
  • April 1 2019 @ Southside Beer Garden - "Music Mondays at Southside"
  • April 4 2019 @ Monstercade - Opening for Lil Skritt
  • April 26 2019 @ Monstercade - "Rap Round Robin IV"
  • May 23 2019 @ The Blind Tiger - Opening for Lil Durk and Yella Beezy
  • May 30 2019 @ The Blind Tiger - "STEADY:HYPE NIGHT"
  • Jun 1 2019 @ Reboot Arcade Bar - Opening for MC Chris
  • Jun 26+27 2019 @ Cohab Space - "West End Art Expo"
  • Sep 7 2019 @ Reboot Arcade Bar - "Reboot Mural Show"
  • Oct 17 2019 @ Cohab Space - "Night Market"
  • Nov 26 2019 @ The Artist Corner - "Alice in Winstonland"
  • Feb 11 2020 @ Gas Hill Drinking Room - "Bloom & Buds"
  • Jul 4 2020 @ Downtown Winston - "Free The Bee" Fundraising Event
  • Jul 15 2020 @ Bailey Park - "OccupyWSNC" protest

The Carolinian - University of North Carolina Greensboro News/Media "The themes and general aesthetic of Bloom are relatively universal ones; themes that relate to the human condition at large. -- Staff writer Trent Ryden describing the vibes of Devy Quills' 2018 project.

Triad City Beat "OG Spliff's remarkable stage presence and smooth rapping blend R&B-styled beats and instruments with a vocal style reminiscent of Mos Def and Earl Sweatshirt." --- "We’ve had him on three shows this year and every single one he’s been 75 percent responsible for the crowds there. Spliff is the future of this Winston-Salem rap game-"

Winston-Salem Journal "Once the crowd gets the hang of what’s going on, the energy and momentum begin to build, with performers feeding off each other. “It can get wild and crazy when it starts to go around in a circle. The idea is that the show never ends,” he said. “Traditionally, you go to a show, see a headliner, several bands open, and with every lineup change, there’s setting up and breaking down equipment, and people go outside to smoke or whatever, and with this, it forces people to be stuck in the middle of a performance and take it in as a community performance.”

From top-left to bottom-right: PhazeGod, Paragon Don, Devy Quills, Samurai Yola, Flower in Bloom, AFROGOAT, OG Spliff, Hollow Creeper