Children & Technology a reality check

Fewer children find joy and satisfaction in physical activities and recreational hobbies that help us appreciate the simple things in life.

Children tend to spend more time interacting with electronic devices than building real-life relationships!

Parents are urged to raise their child(ren) the right way: implement discipline and boundaries when the use of various devices is involved.

Children are vulnerable to the false sense of security, satisfaction, and self-worth that devices typically offer, through addictive games, video applications, etc.

There is a significant difference between children who invest more time in their virtual bubble - facilitated by technology - and those who invest in real relationships with real people.

Children must be encouraged to explore their creative side

Through real experiences, children can learn.

Discover abilities that they would have never thought to have had!

Their time will be spent better; learning more about themselves without technology robbing them of this privilege.

The ability to appreciate nature, people, and the little blessings in life is better nurtured by encouraging children to spend more time in the real world than the virtual world.


"Child Using Laptop" - Picture taken by Chris_Parfitt

"On my way to work I spotted three "normal" kids playing on their iPads. :D" - Picture taken by Monarchcreative

"Kids feverishly "playing" iPads at National Spelling Championship 2013 @omysg" - Picture taken by Walter Lim

"Children in a net" - Picture taken by Jan Fidler

Other pictures taken from Pixabay

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Sarah Stephen


Created with images by Chris_Parfitt - "Child Using Laptop" • Monarchcreative - "On my way to work I spotted three "normal" kids playing on their iPads. :D" • coolinsights - "Kids feverishly "playing" iPads at National Spelling Championship 2013 @omysg" • - "Children in a net" • stefan_kostov - "child forest playing"

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