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Session 1: Believers are called to be Living Proof in a constantly changing culture

Session 2: Being Living Proof allows believers to participate in God's work in the lives of people

Session 3: Listening well and asking good questions are key skills to being Living Proof

Session 4: God is at work around us

Session 5: Evangelism is a process of helping an individual make Mini-Decisions

Session 6: Don't rush the process!

Session 7: You are the tailor-made Ambassador to reach those in your sphere of influence

Session 8: As you listen to people's stories you will find areas of Common Ground

Session 9: As Christ’s Ambassador, people are reading your life

Session 10: Raising the flag and sharing Faith Stories leverages rapport and creates spiritual curiosity

Session 11: The Spirit of God and the Word of God are the "heavy hitters”

Session 12: Evangelism and Discipleship are one continuous adventure

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