The rise of Jafar!!! By- Annika Nanda

Ordinary World- I hated drama. I was the shyest most self conscious 5th grader to ever live. I was a nervous speaker and I had major stage fright. I could not even present something to the class without getting butterflies in my stomach.
Call to the adventure- My parents showed me the flier for trying out in the play. They prompted me to do it. They told me it would be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. They said that it would build skills and be very useful in my life.
Refusal to the call- I refused. I cried. I got super mad at them and I told them I would never do something like that. They insisted on it and it was something we argued over for a week.
Meeting the mentors- My best friends encouraged me and they convinced me to try out. They told me to do it because they were doing too and that we would be in it together. We would also be missing class which sounded great!
Crossing the threshold- I actually tried out. I got to the drama classroom and I tried out for a role in Aladdin. By this point I wanted a role and I was ready to do my best to get it.
Tests- trying and not stammering (because by now I actually wanted a part in the play). Being the nervous speaker was I needed to project and deliver the best way I could. I also needed to overcome the stage fright and remember the dialogue that I had memorized for the auditions.
The approach- I got called back for the second tryouts. The second tryouts were everyone who had passed the first tryouts, and speaking in front of them was a whole new level. This is also when I figured out that there would be all of the students parents in the audience, (This was something you had to take part of if you were in second through fifth grade) and that made me anxious.
The ordeal- I had absolutely no idea which part I wanted to play! They asked me if I had a preference for a part. (After I got in) I had no idea because I honestly did not think I would get that far. But the upside is that I had gotten in the main roles and I was going to be on stage, which was now exciting.
The rewards- I got the lamp! Mwahahahahaha!!! No, but I got to be jafar so eventually I did get the lamp! I got the part of Jafar and I was ready to use my attitude for something good (or bad). I was super happy that I got to be a villain, so that was pretty great.
The road back- I went home and celebrated!!! I went home and told my parents, they were super proud of me and told me I would be an evil Jafar. I was ready for rehearsals and I told myself that pushing through my stage fright now would mean I would never have stage fright again, which (as my parents said) was something that would help me in life.
The resseruction- living up to expectations of me and my inner jafar! (So hard). The rehearsals, knowing that I had to be evil in a Disney character way. It was hard to overcome my fear in the first few times, and I did not know the majority of the cast which made me nervous to speak in front of them.
The return- The play! The lights! The stage! The action! (Theatric love and skill)! Not being afraid of the stage and gaining the understanding that, if you wanted be happy you needed to try new things even if you think you won’t like them. (Turns out I love being on stage now).


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