How I Know God Exists By: Mandi White

I could give a hundred reasons for why I know this to be true, based on things I have experienced in life. But, I'm going to start with a very personal story that means more than anything to me. I choose to share it, because I feel like keeping it a secret would be wasting a perfect opportunity to be a witness for God. My son, Noah, has a very special gift. He has a very special relationship with God, and I can't even explain it myself, at times.

Let me start with a back story from a book that I read years ago, and I highly recommend to anyone. The book is called Heaven is For Real, and it's a true story about a 4 year old boy's experience when he died briefly and visited Heaven. He came back and shared his story, bit by bit, with his family. One part of the story specifically spoke on miscarriage. The boy said to his mom, "Mommy, I have two sisters." She replied, "No, you have one. Do you mean your cousin?" He was adamant, "No, Mommy, I have two sisters. One died in your tummy." Now he had her full attention, because he was only 4, and she had never told him about this. He said he met his sister in Heaven, and she had come running up, hugging and hugging him. The mom asked what her name was, and he said, "She doesn't have a name. You didn't name her." He was right, because the miscarriage happened so early that she didn't know if the baby had been a boy or a girl. He also said that "God had adopted her." The mom said, "Don't you mean Jesus adopted her?" The little boy, "No, his Daddy did." (Insert ugly cry here❤️).

Well, I have never read this book to Noah or spoke of this part in front of him. He astonished me last summer when he said, "Mommy, I have a new friend." I said, "Oh yeah? Where'd you meet them?" (Confused, because he was out of school by this point). He said, "It's a girl, and she comes and plays with me in my dreams. The first time I met her, she came with a white bird." Hmmmm...interesting...something about it gave me goosebumps, but I didn't know why, until later that day when he brought it up again. He said he liked playing with her. I said, "What's her name?" Noah's reply, "It's weird, Mommy. I asked her that, but she said she doesn't have a name." (Oook, that sounds strangely familiar). I asked him what she looks like. Noah said, "hmm...she looks a lot like me, but with long hair." I was floored, and thankful that I had sunglasses on to hide the tears that were slowly sneaking out of the corners of my eyes. He would bring her up from time to time, but I didn't ever want to push him to tell me more, even though I really wanted to know every detail. A few months later, he said, "Mommy, I think that girl that used to visit me was the baby that died in your tummy. I just feel it. But, why do you think she chose to visit me, out of everyone? Why not you or Daddy?" I said, "Well, buddy, I think she wanted to play with her amazing, sweet, and fun older brother. Also, perhaps she knew that if you were the messenger, I would definitely know that she was ok, and safely with God." (Insert more tears here). So, for this baby right now to also be a girl, it has brought so many emotions with it, for so many reasons❤️

Another little short story: Noah also at 4 years old was the one who told me Zach was a boy. He was insistent, and when we found out that he was a boy, I said, "Noah, you were right!" He said, "Yeah, I know. I knew he was a boy because He told me." I didn't know at the time who "he" was, and kind of fluffed it off. Except, he's older this time and can more accurately describe what he means. This time, he was insistent that the baby is a girl. I said, "Noah, how do you know this??" He said, "Because God told me. He always tells me, Mommy." I believed him, but part of me was thinking, "if this is a girl, my jaw is gonna drop to the ground," lol. And, it sure did!

Noah has a special relationship with God, and I hope he always keeps it close to him. I have a very close relationship with God, as well, but I'm not sure that He speaks to me quite as clearly as He does with Noah. Mine comes more in clear signs and answers, rather than His direct voice, but there is no doubt that He is always there with me. So, perhaps, this story brought you some inspiration today. Maybe it helped you with something you've been searching for. Or, maybe it didn't change your mind at all. But, when something so amazing happens, something so clearly showing God's presence, I feel I need to share it, because maybe, just maybe, it will bring someone closer to God who has been looking for a sign.

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