Our Great New Constitution! Better Than the Articles of Confederation!

The Great Constitution is better than the Articles of Confedration because the Articles of Confederation had many flaws in its system. For instance the states had way too much power. This was bad because it led to lots of chaos such as Shay's rebellion when farmers weren't gettting enough money to pay for their crops.

The Constitution had came up with an idea that favored both small states and large states. This idea was known as The Great compromise. This helped even out the amount of respresenatives for each state so not only will large have more of a saying than the smaller ones.

The Constitution also prevented a war with the 3/5s Compromise. How you might ask? Well the 3/5s compromise was a solution thought up on how slaves should be counted. They did this because North states and South states were arguing on how slaves should be counted. They agreed that slaves should be counted as 3/5s of a person so southern states wouldn't completely have more representatives in population than Northern states.

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