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A member of the deer family, the elk lives in close association with the deer and moose throughout much of Utah.
The "industry" officially became the sate motto on March 4, 1959.
By an act of the Utah state Legislature, approved on March 18, 1911, the segolily was declared to to be the state floral emblem.
Both sweet and sour cherries are grown in Utah; the average yearly cherry sales for the past 5 years $5,564.600
The cutthroat trout, Oncorhynchus clarkii, has 15 recognized subspecies.
The industry was adopted by the legislature of the state of Utah as house bill no. 35.
In 1996, Sam and Gary Francis wrote "Utah this is the place" for Utah's centennial celebration.
The topaz became the state gem in 1969.
Utah achieved prominence in nineteenth-century America for it's efforts to produce sugar from sugar beets.
The quaking aspen replaced the Colorado blue spruce, witch had held the honor of the state tree scene 1933.
The great seal of the state of Utah is centered on a blue back round.
Allosaurous was a carnosaur, one of the groups of theropod meat-eaters.
The California sea gull is about two feet long. The color of the California sea gull is pearly blue.
Utah's state mineral, copper, was enacted by the Utah state legislature in 1994.


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