Fmp Distortion

My project proposal
Bibliography for research in my sketchbook
Time plan of my work throughout the project
Mind map for the theme ‘disruption’
Moodboard for disruption
First artist research- Henrietta Harris
First artist response- Henrietta Harris
Second artist research- Marlene Dumas
Second artist response- Marlene Dumas
Third artist research- Brian Donnelly
Third artist response- Brian Donnelly
Fourth artist research- Miles Johnston
Fourth artist response- Miles Johnston
Mental health research- mind and mental health uk
Domestic violence article- rise of cases due to covid
Documentary on domestic violence
Initial idea 1
Initial idea 2
Initial idea 3
Initial idea 4
Initial idea 5
Initial idea 6
Refined ideas 1
Refined ideas 2
Final outcome
Final evaluation
Created By
Ellie Lodge


Created with images by Khaled Saad - "Glitchy Plant"