The Ribbon Project Participants weave ribbons symbolizing experiences of assault, harassment, and microagressions to create community art

The traumas associated with the feminine experience are shown through three categories. Red for assault, blue for microagressions, and gold for harassment.

The wire mesh represents the unforgiving structure of societal systems we are forced to weave our lives and experiences around, while the placement of ribbons by individuals expresses the role of personal agency.

While statistics and news show how many women carry the experiences of assault, harassment, and microagressions every individual has their own story within the categories statistics create. The visual of multiple ribbons of the same color shows solidarity between participants.
One participant wove their ribbons symboling sexual assault, verbal harassment, and sexist microagressions into an SOS
" My experiences make me stronger, and I want to remember to be proud of them". Achia chose to weave her golden ribbons into her hair.

A gap exists between women's ability to express their traumatic experiences without repercussion, and the need for openly showing solidarity between survivors

The project is placed in a private area to allow free expression, but group participation is encouraged.

Instructions provided to participants

1) Read about the experience clusters

2) Take ribbon from any cluster that resonates with you. You may have experienced something listed in the examples, or something else that is best represented by the cluster. However, just as experience is vast so is human expression. Please feel comfortable to take ribbons from multiple clusters and as many ribbons you need for your contribution.

2) Weave, tie, or place your ribbons into the frame to symbolize your personal narrative alongside the other narratives in this community. Add your ribbons however you like.

The Ribbon Project aims to make a step towards normalizing speaking up about women’s issues while not outing anyone or making them name themselves in conjunction with their stories. It is a way to use the power of stories and community art to not only raise awareness of the feminine experience, but to raise participants levels or courage and hope.
The notion of connecting weaving and ribbons is to honor the history of quilting as a women’s space for expression, community, and sharing stories

Reflections from participants

"So. Moving. I loved it! Thank You!"

"This was great!"

"Thank you so much for doing this, it made me feel like I have a voice."

"Beautiful...Thank you! <3"

"My experiences make me stronger"

"Thank you for this"

This was SUCH an amazing program! Thank you so much!!!"

Booking the ribbon project is available at your school, community center, workplace, or group. Please contact Taylor Boteilho at tbot2@pdx.edu or (360) 448-5526


Taylor Boteilho

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