Ireland Evan

Capital Dublin.Currency Euros.Population 4,775,982.Time difference from USA plus 4 houes. Hemisphere Nouthen.


Did you know that Ireland is mostly grass? Ireland is a country with fields, grassy hills, and shamrocks. Place for people all over the world. They come to visit the Newgrange passage tomb, see the corrs home, and celebrate St,Patrick's Day.

Newgrange is a popular tourist place in Ireland. Newgrange was built around 3200 BC.It is at lest 600 years older tan the Giza pyramids in Egypt.When it was built pepole did not have cars or wagons they just had there hans. One interesting finddng are Romen coins Many have been found There, but the first foud was in 1699.

The corrs are a band that are brothers and sisters they are Jim corr,Sharon corr,Caroline corr,and Andrea corr.They are famson for their CDs like forgiven Not forgotten and talk on corners.They made their first CD in 1995.In 2005 they released their last CD,but they still perform their songs now.The corrs made Irish music to prove that Ireland can still make good music.

St. Patrick's Day is a famous Holiday in Ireland. St. Patrick's Day was created in 1631. They celebrated it because they were honoring St.Patrick. they celebrated by having a feast in honor of him. they eat bacon, cabbage and more. They drink beer.St. Patricks day is it good all day to celebrate.





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