My Grade 9 Self Lauren Kerr

Hello, I am Lauren Kerr and I am here to talk about physical activities and what I have enjoyed the past few years. I have been involved with babysitting, working on the family farm and Vacation Bible school camps. I have enjoyed these activities for years now and still continue to enjoy them today. I have benefited from these activities from being involved with the community and being able to create stronger relationships with the community and also feeling more responsible and independent with all of these activities.

Two of my scores that I have chosen for my fitness testing is the Plank and the Vertical Jump. I have chosen these two because my plank had increased by 12.4 seconds as my vertical jump stayed the same at 26 centimeters. I had experienced one increase and my vertical jump stayed the same. I think the change in data occurred for my plank because I had set a goal to reach for 40 seconds and my biceps have also strengthened from the last time I had done the plank.
The most difficult aspect of this learning experience was that you were only allowed to play as if you were right handed, for me, I am left handed and I found this very hard forcing myself to not do what naturally felt right to me. I also found it a lot harder to play on the actual field hockey field than it was to play in the gymnasium.
If I were to participate in the Listowel Lightning Track and Field Team I would choose the jumping events to participate in, specifically long jump and triple jump. I chose these two events because I enjoyed doing the events and also thought they challenged me to get even better in the events. How I would work to Improve in these events is by marking where I feel the most comfortable jumping so that I don't jump too early or too late.
How I would teach another student how to hut the ball would be, first getting into the ready position by bending over and getting lower to the ground having a partner with you so they can receive the ball. Next, you would hold the ball with two hands having your hands around the football. Third, you would throw the ball to your partner still holding the ball with two hands. Last, step is to make sure you didn't throw the ball too high so that they couldn't reach the ball or too low so that the ball didn't reach the person.
I think that Volleyball is an appealing sport and is a very popular team sport because it takes a lot of team participation and everyone is moving around so you all get to participate as a team without having anyone left out. If I had a teammate that was struggling with their skill execution I would help them myself with the skills I succeed in or I would suggest that they talk to the coach and the coach could go through some drills with that teammate.
Personally, I prefer Single games over Double games because I have a tendency to take over the court when I play badminton so I find that both I and my teammates prefer when I play singles. I also like it because I can think about the position that I need to get in without worrying about miscommunication with my partner.


I think strong decision-making skills is an important skill to have as you progress through secondary school because if you don't have strong decision-making skills a lot of things could go the opposite direction in your life than where you thought you would end up in life. Giving into peer pressure or even thinking that you can't get addicted to drugs/alcohol could make you go in that direction where you didn't want to go. Things like that can cause major damage in your life that can not be fixed.

Advice to your Grade 9 Self

Some advice I will give grade 8 students before they enter grade 9 is that it isn't near as scary as I thought it would be. I was more scared to enter grade 9 than I've ever been in my entire life and I never had a reason as to why I was so scared but now that I am in grade 9 I will assure you there is nothing to be scared of. You will not be alone in high school, you will make friends very quickly and you will make it to your class within 5 minutes. It is not as hard as I had thought it would be. You will find your classes and there will be teachers that you really like and get along with and there will be teachers that you don't really get along with but it is okay because you aren't with the same teacher the whole year, semester or even the whole day. High school is a very nice environment to be in and I will tell you right now you will like it a whole lot more than in elementary school. Don't worry, you will be fine in secondary school!

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