Revision Allyn Bacon Guide to writing ch. 17

Main ideas:

  • Satisfy reader expectations
  • Quickly summarize your argument
  • Visualize structure of argument
  • Topic sentences
  • Transitions

Reader expectations

  • What does your audience expect from your argument?
  • Is the tone/content appropriate for your audience? (Think about pathos and ethos)
  • Does the essay satisfy objections or questions the readers may have?

Argument summary

  • Do you know your argument well enough to boil it down to one sentence? (Hint: thesis statement should do this.)
  • Can your argument be communicated easily and clearly?
  • How can your argument be made more clear in your essay?

Argument structure

  • Does the order of your paragraphs/evidence make sense?
  • Would switching around some of the paragraphs make your argument stronger?
  • Does one paragraph deal with two ideas?
  • What is important for your audience to know?
  • What isn't important for them to know?

Topic sentences

  • Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence?
  • Does the topic sentence match the content of the paragraph?
  • Does the topic sentence set up appropriate expectations for the evidence you provide?
  • Do the topic sentences point back toward/support your thesis?


  • Should be present at beginning and end of paragraphs
  • Smoothly move between points
  • Create a flow in the essay


  • Should recap your argument
  • Briefly remind readers of the evidence you provided
  • Provide a sense of closure
  • Shouldn't introduce new information
  • Final sentence shouldn't feel like a cliffhanger


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