Should We have Zoos? by Timothy S.

No,I think we should not have zoos because they will end up being tore down into something else.The animals get out and tried to escape to roam free.The animal will get lonely.They have no room to roam.

Animals will get out and hurt people.The animals will stay hidden and people will get scared.The animals will die of hunger because people do not feed the right amount of food.Some animals will die of extinction because people have zoo's.Animals such as the white tigers are in the zoos.

They are one of the thousands of animals going extinct in the globe.People are destroying habitats looking for two animals.More than 3,000 trees have been cut down.People cut down trees for paper desks,and more,I get that we need that.

People kill elephants for their ivory tusks.People at the zoo's put them in cages.By now the animals at the zoo would still be alive in the wild.Animals should be able to live in peace.Animals aren’t fun in cages.

I have explained three different Ways why animals shouldn’t be in zoos.Zoo's can be fun,but the animals don’t like being caged up.The animals have the right to be free in the wild just like people have the right to be free in the community.Go online to help save animals


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