WWI Survival Guide By:John O'Beirne

Entrenching Tool


The Entrenching Tool has many uses you will need this in close quarters combat because your rifle and bayonet may be to long for use in this type of combat.Another use for an entrenching tool was digging defensive positions to fire from without getting yourself shot and killed.In 1937 the British added a Bayonet lug onto the end of the entrenching tool using it as a mine prodder.(Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)



The Bayonet was attached to the end of a rifle for close quarters combat but the Bayonet wasn't as useful in this type of combat as the entrenching tool was. A Bayonet was much quicker than reloading your rifle that by the time your enemy starts reloading they will be face to face with the end of your bayonet, bayonets were also put on the end of entrenching tools for uses such as mining.


(Old Magazine)

The Rifle was used to attack enemies safely from the trenches and behind things built to protect themselves such as barriers. Rifles are most useful in long range battle which makes it perfect for trench warfare, rifles helped to avoid close quarters combat and keep the army safe from enemy fire.


The helmet was used to protect soldiers from enemy bullets when they were peeking above trenches to fire at the opposing side. Another use for a helmet was to protect the wearer from modern day weaponry such as machine guns and rifles.

Gas Mask

.(Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The gas mask was used to protect the soldiers from things such as disease and chemicals in the air. Another thing these gas masks protected soldiers from was poison gas that may be throw into the trenches by enemy forces or even during battle.

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