Rebar & Lake Road Making Progress

Over the past two weeks, we've been busy drilling holes for light walls, installing rebar for Building CJ, laying brick for the lake road, and installing piping for utilities.

August 3rd - Monday

  • Laying down rebar for first lightwall
  • Preparing north side for Contech Arches #14-18
  • Moving large piping for utilities
  • Continuing Vibro Stone Columns for Building CJ

August 4th - Tuesday

  • Beginning wall at the north end of the Contech Arches
  • Continuing Vibro Stone Columns for Building CJ
  • Continuing rebar on first lightwall

August 5th - Wednesday

  • Setting Contech Arches #14-18
  • Digging second lightwall
  • Laying rebar boxes in second lightwall
  • Moving dirt between Contech Arches

6th - Thur

  • Continue digging light walls
  • Laying in containers for rebar

August 7th - Friday

  • Finishing first lightwall, ready for concrete
  • Beginning third lightwall
  • Continuing north wall of Contech Arches
  • Adjust wall between Contech Arches #4 and #5, not lined up correctly on row 8 and 5

August 10th - Monday

  • No Vibro Stone Columns - rig down
  • Continuing north brick wall on the Lake Road
  • Continue layering brick between Contech Arches
  • Continue digging third light wall
  • Continue setting rebar on second light wall
  • Continue placing boxes in third light wall

August 11th - Tuesday

  • Continuing north brick wall along Lake Road
  • Continue setting rebar
  • Continue placing boxes
  • No Vibro Stone Columns - rig down and driller down
  • Applying concrete to Contech Arch edges filling gaps between it and block wall

August 13th - Thursday

  • Light wall 1 and 2 ready for concrete (Tuesday 8/18 - 2am)
  • Continuing setting rebar in light wall 3
  • Filling dirt between and behind Contech Arches 15-18
  • No Vibro Stone Columns in the morning, continue in the afternoon

August 14th - Friday

  • Continuing Vibro Stone Columns for Building CJ
  • Water is coming in from the lake behind the island, so we're moving dirt to resurface some of the arches
  • Applying the remaining concrete to South Contech Arches 1-3
  • Moving and flattening dirt behind Contech Arches 14-18
Created By
Giovanna Gutierrez