Meiosis Nuclear DIvision procesS that cuts the number of chromosomes in half. Basis for sexual reproduction.

Interphase- when DNA replication occurs; longest part of Meiosis. Prophase 1- the nuclear membrane breaks down.The centrioles and the chromosomes begin to move and spindle fibers start to assemble.The duplicated chromosomes condense and the homologous chromosomes pair up. Metaphase 1- spindle fibers align the homologous chromosomes along the cell equator.Each side of the equator has chromosomes from both parents. Anaphase 1- The paired homologous chromosomes separate from each other and move towards opposite sides of the cell.sister chromatids remain attached. Telophase 1- the spindle fibers disassemble and the cell undergoes cytokinesis.
Prophase 2- The centrosomes and the centrioles move to opposite sides of the cell and spindle fibers start to assemble. Metaphase 2- the spindle fibers align the chromosomes along the cell equator. Anaphase 2- The sister chromatids are pulled apart from each other and move to opposite sides of the cell. Telophase 2- the nuclear membrane forms again around the chromosomes. The spindle fibers break apart and the cell undergoes cytokinesis.
Final product of Meiosis I
Final product of Meiosis II

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