Andrew Carnegie Captain of Industry By: JUstin Segrest

Andrew Carnegie has been viewed as a Captain of Industry and Robber Baron even after everything he has done.

He was the man that made steel, an item that is used in everything nowadays, a common resource.

He is a Captain of Industry in my eyes because of the things he did and how much they have helped now. He made steel not a luxury resource but something that is in every building. The skyscrapers and houses of today are made with steel because of Carnegie.

He was a man that paid his workers enough to survive so that they would be able to live.

Andrew paid he workers enough money to stay out of poverty. Workers needed to be paid $600 a year so that they could support a family up to 6 people. That would be $1.64 a day, Carnegie paid he workers $1.81.

Carnegie said that "the man who dies rich dies disgraced" which is exactly why he created a charity organization. Since he has died his charity has donated over $100 million dollars to different groups to help the poor or help schools.

Carnegie was a Captain of Industry back in his day and set a huge precedent for the rest of rich men in history to follow. Donald Trump has done nothing of what Carnegie set up he has gone bankrupt more than 4 times and is just a mean person to people. Andrew Carnegie is a Captain of Industry back in his time and now in our time Donald Trump is a Robber Baron.

Donald Trump: Robber Baron

Unlike Andrew Carnegie how donated, was nice to his workers, and revolutionized steel, Donald Trump is a man who has done nothing like that. He treats his workers very unkindly, he has done nothing to advance our economy and rarely donates.

Donald Trump is shown as a great business man but what happens behind the man? Hundreds of Trump employees have filed suits against him for violating labor laws. Unlike Carnegie who knew how to treat his workers, Trump has gone and made workers hate him enough to sue.

Andrew Carnegie's net worth is $480 million dollars and has donated at total of $100 million while Donald Trump, whose net worth is $3.7 billion, has only donated $3 million dollars. Carnegie would be disgusted by this because on of his life's goal is to help those in need and Donald Trump is not helping that goal.

While Donald Trump may have done some good such as renovating buildings and kind of donating to some charities, its nothing compared to his failures. He has done nothing to advance our society or economy unlike Carnegie who revolutionized steel. He also has gone bankrupt multiple times and has had terrible ideas.

Overall Donald Trump is a Robber Baron because of the treatment of his workers, his charity, and since he has not contributed to the advance of America.

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