HAnging up my Jersey PnB RocK Ft: Ty Dolla $ign

In this visual PNB Rock taps into 90s "How To Be A Playa" movie. Wanting to leave the lifestyle alone he's called to a party for one more celebration and tries not to fall into temptations where he has to be witty and not surrender.

We open up in PnB bedroom where he and his love interest are starting off their day. Everything going strangely perfect ( breakfast in bed, making out, cuddling) prepping for the day PnB gets a text from his friend and goes into the bathroom.

PnB ride through the city lights. Headed to a family gathering with Ty Dolla ( fish fry, bar b que ) they all get a text about a party. (We do a Sky view of the city sky line to intise views. )

They arrive to the party and PnB sees his girl every girl in his text log. He tries to maneuver through the party without being caught up. He's pulled into situations of temptation. To finally get to his girlfriend in a part suite (with a plot twist of all the girls being in her room with lingerie.) PnB is pulled into the suite. Closing out the video with the suite door closing (leaving viewers wondering what happens next)

Created By
Jahfy Randall


Created with images by qimono - "door closed entrance"

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