The Byzantine Empire By: michelle villegas

Legal is of or relating to the law

Restore is to bring back an original state

Mosaics are motifs or images created by an arrangement of colored glass or stone

Saints are people considered holy by followers of the Christian faith

Nearly 10,000 workers labored in shifts to build a church

Empress Theodora was a beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious woman.

A groups new legal code became known as the Justinian Code

Justinian was interested in arts and architecture

Theodora helped Byzantine woman win more legal rights

Constantinople was easy to defend


Created with images by fusion-of-horizons - "Nessebar -St. John the Baptist Church [10th century]" • प्रतीक - "Motif" • प्रतीक - "Motif" • jisse62 - "Saint Omer"

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