Pre-primary Scribbles Sept 28th- oct 2nd

This week we talked about harvest. Everyone needs to eat, so people grow food. They grow wheat, apples, corn, rice, oranges and many other different kinds of food. They care for these crops for months. Children learned that when a crop is ripe, ready to be eaten, people harvest it. Different foods are harvested at different times of the year.

We discussed how important the job of a farmer is. During the course of the year, farmers have a variety of jobs to do- to grow and maintain the harvest. The farmer uses a variety of machinery . Hundreds of years ago, simple tools were used like sticks and deer antlers to loosen and cultivate the soil.

A farmer’s job has become much easier now due to today’s tools which are pieces of heavy equipment. Farmers can plant crops faster and easier now.

A tractor is the most important machine. With front and rear attachments, a tractor is used to plow, cultivate, rake, plant , fertilize and even mow.

A harvester is used to harvest or pick crop. The combine, a harvesting machine, can be found on almost any large crop farm.

A baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress raked or cut crop into compact bales that are easy to handle.

The farmer uses the seed drill to sow the seeds making sure they are covered by soil.

The farmer uses a Sprayer to spray water and weed killers for the crops.

This is how the day goes by for our Precious Pre-schoolers.

Ezra is working on his three letter words.
Elias is working on three letter words.
Sydney busy working with wooden blocks.
Tomas working with the Solar System Activity.
Jacob doing vegetable matching work.
Anthony showing his Solar System Book.
Yara busy with language work.
Joshua coloring the Solar System Book.
Laila and Isabella working with Colored Bead Bars.
Logan busy working on transportation maze.
Rose busy working with magnets.
Harmony working with legos.
Hayden and Agamjot busy doing the Sun artwork.
Wyatt working on his numbers.
Addison raking leaves.
Alistair working on Ten Boards.

Kindergarteners worked on the Solar System Project at school.


Halloween celebration on Wednesday, October 28th. It will be a regular day of school. More information to follow in an email.


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