Stephanie's Goals Project English 2 | Period 3


For my semester goal I will have my grades to be good by having an A-C. I will make this happen by doing homework, passing tests, coming in for eop and going into the media center when I have the chance.

"High achievements spot rich opportunities swiftly, Make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately" - Richard H. Shuller


For my English class goal I will want to have an A all second semester. I can achieve this by doing all my work and turning it in on time, studying for every test and coming in for EOP when I notice my grade is going down.

"Education is our passport, tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today" - Malcolm X


For my Highschool goal I will want to pass all my years without having to retake a class. I will achieve this goal by staying focused all 4 of my years without having something or someone get in the way of it.

" I didn't come here to be average " - Michael Jordan


After High school my goal is to get into college and study so I can become a vet. Also, have a job and save up to get an apartment.


My personal growth, I would want to have a successful life, Graduate & make my dad proud. I would enjoy just having 2 kids when I'm 25 or 27 and have a nice marriage and having a job that pays good, like being a vet.


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