The White House By bob biemans and Lucas van meurs

The White House

The Presidents and the First Ladies of the United States of America

There was a big fight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Everyone thought that Hillary Clinton would win.The new president of U.S.A., is Donald J.Trump. He is the 45th president of America. We don’t know what's he going to do as president. What we do know is that he is going to build a wall, on the border of Mexico. And he said: ‘’the Mexicans going to pay for it’’. He has already sign the Fulfillment Order, he builds the wall between Mexico and America because the illegal immigrants.

Donald John Trump

Donald J. Trump was born on the 14th of june in 1946. Donald Trump is very rich, Donald were born in New York. He has two ex-wives: Ivana Marie Zelníčková and Marla Maples. First he married to Ivana Trump in 1977 and get three children. Two boys named: Donald Jr. Trump and Eric Trump. They also get a daughter named Ivanka Trump. Trump get married to Marla Maples in 1993. They get one child, a girl named Tiffany Trump. His third wife’s name is Melania Knauss, she is born on the 26th of april 1970. She is born in Slovenia. The Vice President of Donald Trump is Mike Pence. A year ago Barack Obama was for the Climate-Change-Treaty.

Hilary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton were born on the 26th of october in 1961. Hillary were born in Chicago. She married to Bill Clinton in 1975. Bill Clinton became president in 1993 until 2001, and Hillary Clinton became his First Lady. They get one child, a daughter named Chelsea Victoria Clinton. Chelsea have now two children: a Daughter and a son named Charlotte and Aiden. The Vice President of Bill Clinton was Al Gore.

Barack Obama

You all now Barack Obama. He was president before Trump, for 8 years. He was born on the 4th of august in 1961. He is born in Honolulu.His wife is Michelle Obama, they have two children, two girls: Malia-ann Obama and Natasha Obama. they are 18 and 16 years old. His Vice President was Joe Biden.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy were born on the 29th of May in 1917.He were born in Dallas(Texas). He were married to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953. They get two children, a boy and a girl named John F. Kennedy Jr. and Caroline Kennedy. In 1961 were John F. Kennedy president, he were the youngest president of the United States of America. When he goes to Dallas he got shot and he were killed on at the age of 45 years old. Lyndon B. Johnson became John F. Kennedy’s Vice President and also he became his successor.

George washington

George Washington

George Washington was the first president of U.S.A., he were in 1789 the first president of the U.S.A. Martha Dandridge Custis Washington was his wife. He were born on the 22th of February in 1732. John Adams was his successor and he was his Vice President.

The White House

The White house is a very big villa. It’s printed on a $20 bill. The president of the US lives here. That’s why it’s very highly secured. It’s located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. 20006. The entire complex covers more than 5,100m² of floor space. The White House has 6 floors, some are underground. The White House has 132 rooms. The White House has 412 doors. Guest Can use 35 bathrooms. There are eight available staircases. The White House has also three lifts for those who can not use the staircases, there are 28 fireplaces in the White House. There is a bowling alley, a tennis track and a running track. The White House has his own swimming pool and a cinema to use.


The White House Complex is protected by the United States Secret Service and the United States Park Police N.A.S.A.M.S. (Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) were used to guard airspace over Washington D.C. during the 2005 presidential inauguration.

Other Presidential Mansions

There were 5 other houses before the white house:

1. The Samuel Osgood House: Location: Manhattan, New York

2. The Alexander Macomb House: Location: Manhattan, New York

3. The President’s house: Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. The Government House: Location: Manhattan, New York

5. The House Intended for the President: Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Origin of the Name

First the White House was called the Executive Mansion but James Madison, former president of the US signed the declaration of war with Great Britain. When the British occupied Washington, they set the presidential house on fire. The damage was cleared under a thick layer of white paint. That’s why the White House is called the White House.


The White House is build right after the creation of the District of Columbia, the D.C. from Washington D.C. means the District of Columbia. The former president, George Washington (which Bob told about) pointed out the place where the White House had to be build. The Irishman James Hoban got after a competition of 9 other people the assignment to build it. It costed 8 years to build and $2,4 million. Until the late 20’s it was open for public but when 20.000 civilians celebrated the inauguration of the new president inside the White House. The rules have become more strict.


- Slaves were used to build the White House in Pennsylvania.

- Every year with Thanksgiving the president gets to choose one turkey to not get eaten.

- With Halloween the White House also gets decorated.

- There is a Holiday for the first president of America named President’s day.

- With Christmas the White House gets decorated and they get a large Christmas tree.

- The Vice President also gets a big house named: Number One Observatory Circle.

- In 1901 it’s official named the White House.

- There should be patched 147 windows.

- The construction of the White House has lasted 8 years.

By Lucas van Meurs and Bob Biemans.

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