Faenza, Italy Erasmus+- Reporting on our Past, investigating our future May 27th - June 2nd, 2018

On Sunday we arrived in Italy and our host families welcomed us at the train station. My hosts were really friendly and we decided to go to a restaurant which offers homemade pasta and very delicious meat. After that we went to the home of my host family, where I met my host‘s grandparents. In the afternoon we ate ice cream with some of her friends. I enjoyed my first day in Italy but of course I was really tired because of the long journey. Nina, 9d
We met at 4 o´clock at the Düsseldorf Airport and flew to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Bologna where we took the train to Faenza. Our hostfamilies greeted us very nicely and then everyone home. This day was without a program, so every family did something different. When I came to my family, we ate and went to the beach. Liza 8d
Our journey from Germany to Italy was good but afterwards I was very tired. After we ate lunch my host and some of her friends showed me their hometown which which was very beautiful. We ate ice cream and later in the evening pizza. Femke 9d


On Monday we had to get up at 6 am because we had to take the train to Faenza. At school we had a meeting in the school‘s own church with all the guest students of the Erasmus project and their Italian hosts. After the presentations from each country we were divided into our work groups for the week. Then we had lunch in the city centre. Afterwards we had a guided tour, where we learned about Faenza’s tradition of producing ceramics. We then had time to go shopping before returning home with our hosts. Nina 9d & Luisa 8c
We even made it into the regional newspaper😄


On Tuesday morning I met the others and we went on a bus trip to Rimini. When we arrived, we had a guided tour through Rimini, where we also visited old roman houses. After that the highlight of the day came! We went to the beach and had lunch there. First they gave us such a small portion and I thought „oh no I am still hungry“. But then they brought the first pizza for our table, then the next and next.... It was so much food and we all were so full. So I learned that I should not underrate Italian food😂. Then we went swimming in the sea. It was really nice and we had a lot of fun. At 5 pm we went back home. Fiona 9d
Fun on the beach 🏖 I


We got up early to get the the train to Faenza. At school the polish teachers did the first part of the lesson, the second part was a normal German lesson for the Italian students. We went to the international ceramic museum (MIC), where we attended a sculpture making workshop. After that we had a tour in the museum. When we finished, my host organized a tour through Bologna with some friends. We went shopping and came back in the evening. Femke 9d

At the MIC


Today we went to Florence. The journey took us about 2 1/2 hours, but everyone was glad to go despite the long bustrip. When we finally arrived, we walked to the centre of the city to the cathedral S. Maria del Fiore and the Piazza del Duomo, the Ponte Veccio and other cool historical places. Then we had lunch on the other side of the river and had a great view of the city. We had some free time to go shopping at the big market or in the shops before returning to Faenza. Mirna 8d


Sadly, today was our last day. We visited a university where we listened to a presentation about the future of ceramics for example how to use this material in the humans body. After that we had a little trip to a kind of factory for ceramic products. Back at school, all students worked on their projects for the evening. Finally we had the party, and every group presented their project. My groups topic was the MIC. The party was really nice, Everyone had fun, danced and sang. The polish students were not there anymore. They had already left the evening before. Liza 8d


The day of the depature back to Germany. Everyone said bye to their families. We were really sad to leave them and really thankful for the week. Everyone wanted to stay longer. At about 11h30 we took the train back to Bologna airport. In Frankfurt we had to wait very long on our flight to Düsseldorf. Back in Düsseldorf at about 21h our parents were really happy to have us back. Liza
I really liked the week and I had alot of fun. I felt at home with Lisa and her parents made me feel like I their child too. I found new freinds and I would be glad to be able to take part in another Erasmus project in the future. Liza

The End😢

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