Goodlife at flmnh Alejandra Castro


The first place we went in the museum was the frog exhibit they had. I was never too interested in frogs but the display was actually very interesting. I liked the small habitats they made for each frog case. It made it look like they were in their true environments making it easier to understand their ecosystems. I liked that for each display they had information about the frogs and where they’re found. I didn’t realize how different frogs can be; there are so many different shapes, colors, and sizes. I also learned about the difference between frogs and toad. The cutes frog I saw were ironically the most poisonous frogs. Overall, I really liked just seeing all the different types of frogs in a replica of their natural habitat.


I feel the museum certainly showed an appreciation for nature. The picture shown above shows how the Florida coastlines were affected by people. It illustrations how the fish population can suffer if people keep destroying their habitat. The exhibit in the museum showed all the effects that humans have on the environment and the animals that live in it. The exhibits showing Florida’s ecosystems makes you appreciate and admire them. People were able to connect with it because of how lifelike it all looked. Also, there was a myriad of interesting facts revolving around the biodiversity we have here in Florida. Seeing all those incredible ecosystems makes me want to encourage more people to protect the environment.


The Natural History museum allows us to take a step back and view nature all around us. The different exhibits give us different views about our ecosystem from both the past and present. We get to learn more about the world, and the plants and animals in it. The frog exhibit allowed me to see things I would most likely never see here Moreover, the butterfly exhibit lets us see the beauty that is in nature. We don’t always get to see the beauty of nature in our daily lives so this lets us appreciate it more. It makes us realize that there is more in this world that meets the eye.

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