Advance Image Editing Tammy Van heddegem

  • For my Advance Image Editing am going to try techniques that I may have not used before.
  • Winter - Winter will be more focused on snow, as I feel that this will show well in a edited image.
  • Autumn - As trees and colours are a large part of Autumn this is what I will focus on.
  • Dispersion Map - Create a exploding affect
  • Background change - Change the background of an image

Advance Image Editing: Winter

Original Images and Screenshot of Layers.
  • With this edit I started by adding inches to the canvas size, to bring in the other image that provides the trees coming out of the top of the models head.
  • The placed the other image in, I used a reveal all masking layer to take parts of the trees away.
  • High pass filter was used to sharpen the models eyes.
  • Then adjustment layer to bring in some contrast.
Final Image - Model JeJe Kas Kat

Advance Image Editing: Autumn

  • High pass filter was used to sharpen the eyes, hair, nostrils and lips. I decided to only sharpen these certain areas as sharpening the skin made the trees look slightly strange.
  • I then placed the trees overtop of the portrait, by using the blending mode overlay the image merged nicely into the models face. I then used a hide all masking layer to paint out the parts that weren't on the face, using it only for the skin and jumper worked the best.
Final Image - Model JeJe Kas Kat

Advance Image Editing: Dispersion Map

Orignal Image and Screenshot of Layers
  • As the image I used is a portrait, I started by using a high pass filter to sharpen the eye of the model.
  • I then added 15 inches to the canvas size, and then used quick selection to select him and copy and pasted him onto a new layer. I then add a flood fill layer below.
  • I then made the yellow layer a lot large than the layer above which was left at the original size.
  • I then create a hide all layer mask on the yellow layer, and a reveal all layer mask on the purple layer.
  • I used splatter brushes to create the affect that seen below, I changed the shape dynamics to random. I then carefully took my time to paint out the affect you can see below.
Final Image- Model Paul Murphy

Background Change:

Before and After, Screenshot of Layers.
  • I used a black and white adjustment to take away the blue, as the background I wanted to place in was a black and white Bohka affect.
  • I then black the second image over top of the model, and then put a reveal all layer mask onto that layer.
  • I then started to paint out the model, I had to take my time as each spec of light could be seen on the face.
Background Change - Model - JeJe Kas Kat
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Tammy VanHeddegem



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